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If you stay for anytime in the Bullseye Tavern you are being watched.  Rumours have it that green adventurers are being recruited by a loosely nit group of experienced individuals for purposes unknown.  Its a shady group and not much is known about their leadership or motives.  

They watch and wait and when the time is right they appoach their target.  This group known as the Fletchers named after the Bulls Eye Tavern in which they recruit is elusive but not entirely hard to find.  They seek apprentices.  Some seek to mold young followers into their religious exploits, others to train them in the arts of war seeing their potential, others have more nefarious reasons to mentor the ones they chose, some mearly seek to make some trues or ask for favors in the form of a future a debt to be paid through blood or other means.

The Fletchers are heard to sometimes play a game of darts to see who gets the new blood and so the story goes the apprentices are called Darts.  The Fletcher and his Dart.  A bond.  A trust.  To some a contract.  Wait long enough in the Bulls Eye and if you have what it takes you too may be approached.  Choose wisely and you will be rewarded.

//The Fletchers is a mentoring group for new players to enter into an in game relationship with an established player to help you get familiar with Layonara's vast world.  By signing up to be a Fletcher the established player agrees to show the new player/character around the world of layonara, help him in game with quests, educate the new player regarding lore, help him to meet and rp with other characters in game.  Out of character (OOC) the established player agrees to answer tells, pms and other questions from the new player to help them adjust and learn how to get around Layonara.  New players are not required to join this mentoring program.  It is purely voluntary.  The mentoring relationship can begin at any level but will end upon the character reaching level 10 to allow the established player to take on a new recruit.  In game relationships ofcourse will endure for however long the players choose.

New players please see the below sign up sheet for established players willing to be Mentors.  New players please pm one mentor from the below sign up sheet of their choosing to initiate the mentoring process.  You can choose whomever you like if they have an opening.  The class, race, religion, alignment and gaming schedule should be considerations for whom you choose.  Once chosen the Fletcher and his dart should make their first in game meeting at the Bully Eye Inn in Center.  

The following Mentors offer their services below:

Forum Name:  Willhoff
Character name:  Vrebel
Level of Character:  40
Class:  Fighter, Weaponmaster, rogue
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Deity:  None
Race:  Human
Schedule:  Est times.  weeknights after 6p.m. Weekends available as well.
Recruit Status:  Vacant

Forum Name:  Willhoff
Character Name:  Zigruum Frostbeard
Level of Character:  29
Class:  Druid
Alignment:  Neutral Good
Deity:  Vorax
Race:  Dwarf
Schedule:  See above
Recruit Status:  Vacant

Musically or artistically inclined, or simply wish to learn an instrument or the art of storytelling or performance?  Interested in jaunts about the world with a bit of history and song attached?  Like to know more about the Goddess Ilsare or the Heartsong?  Contact the red-coated bard...

Forum Name: RollinsCat
Character name: Andrew William Reid
Level of Character: 31
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Ilsare
Race: Human
Schedule: Est times. weeknights after nine p.m. eastern time except for quest nights, weekends sporadic but can be arranged
Student Status: Cord, Night - will take one or two more

A strange-looking masked fellow can be seen shaking hands with Vrebel and Andrew. All three appear to be near the same height, which is on average a head and shoulder above any other man in the place. Half a dozen weapons and even more pockets and pouches adorn unarmored man. He can often be found with a drink in hand, leaning on the bar, swapping stories about past exploits with the two humans.

Forum Name: miltonyorkcastle
Character name: Steel
Level of Character: 35
Class: Fighter/Weapon Master/Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: None
Race: Tiefling
Schedule: Est times. weeknights after nine p.m. central time except for quest nights, weekends sporadic but can be arranged
Student Status: Ty Reid-Dragonheart

A human woman with long, flowing black hair that comes down to her mid-thigh is also ocassionally noticed blending into the background, usually at the same times the bard in the red coat makes an appearance.  An observant person might feel secure in guessing that the woman acts as a body guard of sorts for the bard.
Forum Name: Nehetsrev
Character name: Jetta Ravenlock
Level of Character: 18
Class: Rogue/Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: None
Race: Human
Schedule: Mostly weeknights after 6pm Central, about the same hours on weekends with possibility for more flexibility with advanced scheduling.  DM run Quests may interfear with availability for one-on-one interaction at some times.
Student Status:  None at pressent (unless you count NPC minions, Greg "I have a pitchfork", Winston and Arthur, and the grey mouser, Ash, who lives at the Silverbuckle.)

A human woman with deep, calculating purple eyes is also ocassionally noticed blending into the background,always alone and always watching every thing that goes on.    An observant person might notice an array of small knives and vials tucked in to a bandolier across her chest, and two very different swords hanging from her hips when she's not completely shrouded inside her eerily dark cloak.  You feel that if you needed to learn the ropes of espionage and infiltration, she may know a thing or two.
 Forum Name: ShiffDrgnhrt
 Character name: Tyra Dragonheart
 Level of Character: 20
 Class: Fighter/Rogue/Weapon Master
 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (becoming Chaotic Good)
 Deity: None (Toranite leanings)
 Race: Human
 Schedule:  Flexible, but usually available after 6 or 7 pm Eastern.  Prefers to make a schedule with other people, as is usually not on alone.
 Student Status: Open for lessons
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