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I wanted to do something like a newsrag. Something on the forums where a team of "reporters" can post interesting information about quests, Plot NPCS, etc. Just wanted to bounce the idea and get some help before I put any effort into it myself.

Key will be doing this for sure, however.

I think it is a good idea.  I know it was tried before but one never even got released as it is a long, tedious job.  I would certainly support it.

Well, it would just be putting what I do with Key on paper. She sells information. And I spend a good amount of time going around town just listening to whats going on.

Also a good way to keep people updated on quests. Guess I'll keep this up for a week or two, see who is interested, then get to work.

Nice idea. It'd really help out those who can't/don't get IG enough to get the scoop. It'll be convenient to know what evil guy is going to try to destroy the world next. Kinda like giving out warning leaflets before you drop an Atomic Bomb. :)

Perhaps a particularly charismatic rogue or bard could be an "information broker" my cleric would pay some gold to get the facts of Lucinda's tumult with some kind of confirmation.

Just a RP idea.


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