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On the nature of alignments

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--- Quote ---jrizz - 2/27/2007  7:59 PM

So for a class that demands a alignment like the paladin. can the player put the lean more on the good then the lawful (good lawful) or more on the lawful then good (lawful good)?
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No reason why that can't be true... of course a Paladin has to be very careful about "leaning" away in either direction, because its alignment restrictions are absolute.

The only class I can think of that should really be tied down tighter is Druid -- I have to think that the Neutral part must be dominant regardless of which of the four alignments (not including TN) they choose.

Cenden Hoqoun:
oh that is a good question faldred.and for a paladin i think every one agres about the leaninga away from iether, but what if a paladin where to be so lawfull it wasnt good?


--- Quote from: Cenden Hoqoun ---but what if a paladin where to be so lawfull it wasnt good?
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Well, (s)he wouldn't be a Paladin for much longer, most likely.  :D

Seriously, though, if dedication to "Law" becomes that severe, you are looking at an alignment shift to "Neutral Lawful", using the above article's conventions.  That is, devotion to rule of law, tradition, order, what have you, takes precedence over issues of good and evil.

Cenden Hoqoun:
thats what i what happens to a paladin when they lose there alignment?as ive necer played a paladin i dont know.

No more paladin levels for them! Muahahahaha.

Roleplay wise? Hmm. No idea ;)


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