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Rebuilding the village of Vale

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After years of research and acquiring support, those wishing to rebuild the village of Vale assemble a list of the material and labor requirements. Though the patrons don't know who would choose to relocate to the newly rebuilt village, especially since most of the original inhabitants were murdered, that is a problem for after there are buildings to which to relocate.

- 1000 oak planks [139/1000]
- 500 mahogany planks [11/500]
- 5000 iron ingots (iron spikes count as two ingots) [1153/5000]
- 1000 lumps of coal [778/1000]
- 1000 bits of clay [1042/1000]
- 500 gum arabic [500/500]
- 500 ingots of glass [506/500]
- 1000 mixed ore (representing stone; can be any raw ore: copper, iron, platinum, etc.) [1001/1000]
- 100 Fortune (can be provided by multiple characters) [34/100]
- 500,000 True (to pay for workers, transport of goods, and other associated building costs) [528488/500000]

Misc. Donations: 199 Iron Spike molds


OOC stuff:
1. I'll update this post with a running tally of acquired goods.
2. Those wishing to collect for this effort need to place a chest (or ten) to hold items for collection AND post in this thread where the chest is placed. I'll hop in as a GM regularly and pick up the items to add to the tally. I can pick up directly from PCs (and will have to for the Fortune required), but the chests allow us to not have to coordinate being on at the same time.
3. Once everything is acquired, the Team will give the go ahead for a new area to be placed IG.
4. If you have questions, ask. Also, note that this is an RP thread, so make your posts generally IC, and denote OOC stuff in a manner where we can easily tell the difference.
5. Have fun!

*Feh's whipes his hands against each others after nailing the notice, happy to get things in motions*

Good that's now under way.

The Pak for the most part are happy to lead the effort and I still need to see Valeria to see if she want's to partake in this. But now that the word is out, maybe more will want to join up to help us with those that might have escaped the butchering and would want to get back to their ancestrial home.

*He looks at Gorm and Talia*

Think it's worded fine?

Word gets out that the so-called "Pack" out of Fort Wayfare will be organizing the construction and general building efforts of Vale, something with which this organization has experience after the work they put in to update Wayfare's physical defenses.

Angels Guild had set aside Donations for Rebuilding Vale:  136,003 trues.  Please deduct that from my account.

~~Ferrit Pandorn

//Feh already has roughly 200k for the reconstruction of Vale. Possibly more but I don't remember his actual balance at the moment


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