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So I'm going to be a bard here soon, my problem however, lies in the fact that while bards tend to be knowledgable about all things to do with everything, I personally am not.  I have read almost all of the lore in the handbook, and I also know of the ten items in the legends and artifacts page, but what if someone asks about, say, finding a legelndary harp.  Do I just tell them I know of no such thing, or could I get together with a DM and see about making a story surrounding this item and being able to put it in our legends and artifacts section.

If so, I'm obviously not goig to tell of the "Legendary Harp of Killing-Everything-In-A-5-Mile-Radius-Without-A-Saving-Throw"  Everything would be kept within reason.  

The reason I asked this, is because I have a lot of fun asking Ozy about things in-game.  What is this place like, are there any legendary axes, things like this, and I kind of see bards as a good starting place for a pseudo-quest.  

"I hear that a great giant has seized control over the other giatns in this area, etc etc etc..."And that would lead into a Giant hunt.

Just some thoughts and questions, well, tootles.

alot of being a bard in layonara is keeping your ears open and BSing.  Ask the GM if you know anything about something in a quest, you will probably make a roll.  Outside of the quest you can BS about pretty much anything you like heh

I think this:
--- Quote ---while bards tend to be knowledgable about all things to do with everything
--- End quote ---
 should be written like this:
  "while bards pretend to be knowledgable about all things to do with everything" ;)
  Also, bear in mind, that while often containing some truth, not all Legends¬†actually do. So, there may, or may not be a Coup de Grace, there may, or may not be a Forge Golem, there may, or may not be a pair of slippers that never wear and look like new forever.
  Catching my drift? ;)

Knowledgable yes. About everything I don't think so. Ozy's the only one I know of who know "everything". You could pick on area of expertice. Like dragons, wizards or something and then work with a DM like Ed or Seth and incorporate your love for knowledge on those topics into your bio. I could never play a bard cause well it's not that I haven't learned all I need to know, it's that none of it stays in my brain. :)

Yeah working with GM's is the way to go. 
  oh and lol... Seth is mentioned still and he has not been playing for over a year. We sure do miss him! :)


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