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I guarantee if we move it, someone would find it again and we do this all over again.  We're definitely not going to go down that path.

I guess its my turn to weigh in a bit on this issue and provide a bit more background since I am one of the principle contributors to the creation of this thread.

The temple of Corath on Mistone is not easily arrived at, due to mechanics and the fact that many areas on a server equates to serious lag; it was decided by myself and the GMs to place the temple where it is now.  It is out of the way and unless you are looking for it your not normally gonna stumble upon it.  This being said, I disagree with moving the temple to another location, #1 - as soon as it is moved there will be people who disregard RP and will go hunting for it, #2 - To move this temple location will take too much precious time away from the Builder staff that already is back logged with updates and changes they are bringing forth for our enjoyment, #3 - Why should the Corathites be punished so to speak by having to move thier temple because others are not RPing their characters?

Personally I can only think of two people that are non-corathites that have ever been taken or lead by mistake to the temple.  Both were part of an abduction attempt where one person was "invited" to the temple and the other followed invisible.  

No Corathite will ever take you to the temple if you are not a Corathite - plain and simple.  Additionally, initiates are not taken to the temple until after they have proven their worth in the eyes of Corath and Chanda.  So don't think you are going to pull a fast one on us ;)  Also, as stated above this temple while it appears to not be guarded it does in fact have guards.  Due to an agreement that I have with Leanthar, those guards are not inplace on the server to lower lag and to prevent other problems that could arise by them being their .. namely faction issues.

CpWindancer, Polak76, and myself spent countless hours and over 2 million in gold to have this temple built, it took us over a year of saving to gain this amount of gold.  To even be allowed to have this temple I had to agree to certain provisions and terms, for example:

1 - The door will not be locked.  It is not a player house, but due to the game mechanics someone had to purchase the deed.  Thus, the deed belongs to Chanda.

In response to the Pyrotechron above, if your character were to find out the location of the temple then after a brief consultation with Chanda you may be allowed to use the font for potion making.  Here again, allies would be welcomed to the temple under normal circumstances, but due to the secrecy of the location and the implications of the temple being discovered I doubt it, use Arnax.

I appreciate the efforts of all those who have RP'd their characters IC and continue to do so.  It is what makes this game enjoyable.  If you think your character may know of the location of the temple then ask dorg or myself we can help provide you with guidance.  I speak for the whole Corathite community (except you psuedo .. we are still coming for you, oh and you too Mich, Clarrissa, and crew (not you Steel)), oh and Plen and the rest of you goody-goodies ..... sorry I digress) when I say that we have enjoyed every moment of being evil-minded and enjoy the RP you goodies bring for us.  

And you who took my key ... and the other person who took my finger ... just wait until I get my other 4 fingers on you.  ;)

Bottomline - Please RP, don't ruin what CPWindancer, Polak76 and several others spent a very longtime creating.

Made sticky and bumped for visibility.

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You mean I can't sell maps to it, anymore? *sighs*


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