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If you don't know where it is, great.  

If you think you know where it is... you shouldn't know it is there unless you have been taken there by a Corathite or are a member of the Corathite faith.  All the character sees is a building set into the hillside.  RP wise, there is not a nameplate on the door that says "Chanda" and "XXX XXX, Temple of Corath".

Remember, the Corathites would not lead someone to the place who could reveal their location. They have spent too much time, money and energy to avoid this happening. They know how many enemies they have.

Note:  The door being unlocked and allowing anyone to just walk right in allows alot of this metagaming to happen, is unrealistic, and there should be temple keys issued to the followers (since it is treated like a PC Home).  If possible, the name should also be removed from the door.

So to all those who've I'd RP'd with lately about things pertaining to the Mad God....  Uh...  See me ingame for the "revised" edition of Shiff's stupidity =)

Thank you for this post! Very long in coming and agreed 100%, this temple is something that has been metagamed by player and GM alike from day one.  

There is a tiny handful of characters that have come by this knowledge in a different fashion and could pass it on, but have certainly never been inside and made it back out unless taken by one of the faith.

However, in the future (not that it matters now), simple notices OOC nearby would be nice to have in-game, just so people know even if they don't read one post amidst many others in the forums, etc.

I see.  So not only is Kor disallowed from making potions at any of his enemy gods' temples, but his allies' too.

ho hum.  Time to start trekking to Firesteep I guess.

Sneak in with sanc if you're allowed! Ask a Corathite! Something!

I think the general point is that for all the good characters out there, Corathites don't exactly announce their plans and invite them to housewarming parties, etc. I remember when it was still mostly new, and utterly unspoken yet, several good characters simply saw the door and was like "ah yes they have a new temple on Mistone, I came across it in my travels." when the whole point was that no, you don't just come across it in your travels, and it doesn't have a nameplate on the door. It was just assumed from day one and is one of those things that needs some roleplay to really think about what your character should and shouldn't know.

I'm pretty sure that's the crowd it was targeted to - for allied characters, I can't say and would want to ask the ones running the temple what the story is there. I imagine even if the welcome mat was out (and I don't know), they'd want discretion, though.


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