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Soul Stones - A request to players.

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This is a one-sided request, but I feel it is needed. I can recall only two instances where someone I had raised actually carried a Soul Stone. I'm asking this now, because I am about halfway to level 13. Which is a big level for Clerics here. We get Resurrection. Without a Soul Stone on the dead player Clerics take 10,000 Xp hit. Twice as much as the Raise Dead hit of 5000.

Anyway. Soul Stones should be an expected thing on a mid to high level adventurer. For what they do they come at a very low cost. My character with no Appraise ranks can buy them for less than 2,200 gold. Though I will ALWAYS raise a Follower of Toran and his direct allies, Rofirein and Vorax. Proably friendly Gods too. But anything else, it is getting to the point where I will not raise them unless they have a Soul Stone. I've lost nearly 60,000 in Raise Deads alone this week. Thats what brought this along.

And please, don't turn this into a discussion about Clerics. I know that atleast one person will want to post that Clerics are able to get Xp with little or no difficulty. But we earn it like everyone else, and thats why it's so harsh when we loose it to something so easy to fix.

I second the motion and bought one myself for this reaspon, I've watched Matilda raise 5 people myself in one night and known of her raising more than than on another.  You will still lose XP for dying, but don't burdon someone else as well with loosing some.


Highway Man:
I totally understand where she is coming from and if I was a cleric I wouldn't raise anyone at all...that's just me though. I lose enough exp dieing...rasing on top of that...ugh!

As for the soul stones, well yeah I'm sure more of us would carry them if we could afford to buy them. 2200gp might not be a lot to you, but to others it's a small fortune.

I get what you are saying though.

OK - I bought a soul stone, for 2600 gp.  Is this a one use item?  Will I lose it and have to buy another when/if somebody raises me?



It is a one use thing yes.  But it keeps you from losing XP and the healer loses very very little.  I forget the exact details but the non-loss of XP to both parties is WELL worth the effort and gold.


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