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Somewhere below Taur'en..."So Andrew, what exactly do you hope to gain from drawing that hedious thing, anyway?". . .

"Noteriety? Fame, fortune, beautiful women?" He keeps his voice low, just in case. "I'm interested in it. I've never seen one, and that's the stuff of stories, don't you think? I still harbor a deep desire to visit the Pits, and surely this came from one. It's nothing of Layonara's soil."

"What I want to know is why it's here."  She gave a silent prayer to Beryl that her cloak let her see in near total darkness.  There were too many monsters down here, and did not intend to join the food chain.  "And I'm still suspicious about why Taur'en wants this cave.  We're awfully deep down, and I'm afraid that it could connect to the Deep."  She then whispered in Andrew's ear.  "Can you think of someone who would like a nice secret passage into Taur'en from down here?"

Some time later . . ..   .   .The second tunnel held more then Tyrra had bargained for.  She had seen oozes before.  Green ones.  Black ones.  Even the dreaded azure that huant dwarven dreams.  But these otherwise common looking black puddings were more than she was prepared for, and she knew it, but it didn't stop her from making a very fatal mistake.  She woke up at Andrew's feet, some time later, to a chorus of hissing, as acid continued to eat through the mundane parts of her attire.  The lavender silk shawl she had worn for years was full of holes and smoking from the chemical reactions.  Her exposed skin itched from burns healed in her resurrection, and she felt like a mass was moving in her chest.  She wretched up black bile, and watched in horror as it creeped away, before Andrew froze it before kicking the black puck of ooze off into the darkness to shatter against a wall.  It took her several moments to collect herself, but her first clear thought was, "Down."She had to see what else was here.  The oozes were bad enough, but a well equipped mage could clear them out.  She had to know if worse things are down there.But she wasn't expecting Vespero.

         Vespero...Tyrra had seen Beholders before.  The oft named Eye Tyrants lurked in the Deep, among other cavernous places, doing...  whatever eye tyrants do.  She assumed they either worked with or against Dark Elves, each for their own reasons, but this one seemed to do neither.  He seemed content to be alone, and the fact it... he... this one prefered to talk to her instead of dominate her mind (or whatever other unpleasantness it was capable of) gave her some hope.  It sat... floated among piles of books, and Tyrra secretly wondered how old some of them were, or were they came from.  Perhaps they were left behind by the dwarves when they left?  Regardless, Tyrra knew one thing.  This beholder knew what was below, knew what drove out the dwarves, and knew now why she was there.  Her mission was to find out what was in the mine.  She knew half of what she came for.  Drakes, manticores, and other unpleasant beasts lived in the first level of the cave, some 200 feet above her.  Oozes seemed content to eat the cave from the inside-out 100 or so feet above where she currently was, and this level had a scholastic beholder.  But 400 feet at least remained below her, based on Vespero's estimate, and that meant a potential four more floors of tempting fate against things worse than she's already faced.  She already tempted the Soul Mother once on this venture.  Would she again?If Vespero's offer to help was genuine, maybe not.  But what do you use to bargain with a beholder?  


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