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why are you waving that sword at me sir?

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just something a few of us were discussing the other day:

it might help RP a bit more if, when in town or in a merchant hall, inn, etc..., characters weren't constantly wearing their armor, helmets, carrying shields, swords, axes, and so forth.  it seems a little silly that we should always have our 'smashing gear' on.  imagine the poor merchant NPC who has to deal with people running into his shop brandishing weapons....wouldn't they be a bit reluctant to sell you something?  and what kind of captain of the guard lets us roam the streets armored to the teeth and bristling with weapons?!  and nothing is more annoying than having a pleasant conversation with a character whose face you cannot see because of their stag horn helmet, massive tower shield, and swinging morning star!  yes the world is a dangerous place and the towns are sometimes 'frontier posts' or whatever, but i still believe we miss a cool aspect of RPing when we ignore the non-combat types of clothing available in the game.

most characters probably have a set of these 'street clothes' (or should have at least), and they should be probably be worn when in town or talking in a safe area with other characters.  it only seems to make sense, and i know that i have put them in a quick slot so that i can 'change' quickly upon entering a town or building (and armor/weapons/helmet are in their own quick slots as well).  it also adds a bit of drama when everyone in your group has to don their armor, tighten the straps on their shields and draw their weapons as soon as they leave the safety of the town gates or head down into the crypts.  you can even RP that as well ("Give me a moment, comrades....must buckle this breastplate tightly...." , and so forth) with a Custom Text Macro.

just a thought - i'd like to hear if other people have thought about this as well!

While I've yet to play on Layonara, I do believe that taking off weapons armor et cetera should be done, I know that if I was a merchant I'd feel almost scared, brutes might try and steal all my wares! Or some such like that. So in conclusion, yes I agree with what you have said.

Yes, I try to make it a habit of sheathing my sword/bow and taking off my helmut when entering a town. Wouldn't want the guard confiscating my weapons. Although, sometimes when I see a orc or ogre or giant or goblin in town I will grab my weapon. Just on the safe side. Up to this point none of these creatures have caused any trouble, in fact a few I have been impressed with.

Cole Etinfall

Orc Basher

I beleive the law of the world, or towns, is that no weapons are susposed to be unseethed unless there is a need, i could be wrong though.

i've always been a firm believer that weapons should be stowed when not in use.  Except for the obvious ones like a scythe or double sword (axe, mace, etc...)  

And of course I will just casually mention spell usage.  If you are a cleric make sure ther person wants to be healed before casting healing spells on them.  You will more than likely hear a yes, but there are a few that dont want to be touched.


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