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A strange tale is told
« on: August 06, 2009, 10:11:00 pm »
Shortly after arriving in Leringard, a few of the guards of a merchant caravan are drinking away the dust of the road, discussing some strange events they encountered during their trip with the barman at the closest tavern.

"Ah tells ya, I ain't nevah hurd nor seed nuffing like it mate.. lets me tells ya, it fair chill my blud, an it wud have dun anywon else too.. We wuz takin da forest trail, yer ken the one I mean?  The one as wot goes by them elfy ruins.. Anyways, me 'n Mika hurd a man screamin up aways in da forest likes, it wuz terrible listenin.  We wuz sure it were a man, ain't no filthy greenskin I ever hurd could scream like dat, full o' pain an loss it wuz.  Anywayz, Mika 'n me 'n a few of da boyz figured we'd ride out 'n see if'n we can find this fella, maybe 'elp him like."

Taking a long swallow of his ale, and looking from face to face of his friends, watching for them to affirm his story he continues... "Nay sign o' the fella did we find, but wut we did find was stranger than the tales me grandad used ter tell me as a youngun.. an' he wuz always a one fer a tall tale.. We found lots o' greenskins layin about all dead as can be, 'n in the distance we heard a dreadful wailin' like the sounds the damned must be makin as they roast in the fires waitin' fer 'em."  

Raising a hand he carries on.. "Now, now 'ear me out, these greenskin's 'ad been squashed 'ter the ground by somethin', somethin' like a giants hand... only it musta been bigger'n any giant I ever did see, not to mention there weren't no tracks anywhere to show where the big fella came from, an' Mika 'ere is one o' da best trackers in all o' Mistone"

Shaking his head slowly "Nah mate, it weren't the death o' them, they weren't crushed by it.. it looks like it just 'eld 'em there, the bodies were all burned, an' the like, an still others we didnae know what killed 'em, but fer sure there were no marks o' violence on 'em.  Anyways.. we figured it wuz best ter get ter leavin' then, afore more o' the pig faces came back an' made it hot fer us.  Aye, strange dun really get ter explainin' it, Orcs that be dead with nay sign o' wut killed 'em, Giant hand prints, and no foot prints..."

Looking thoughtfully into his beer he frowns for a moment.. "Well, we did run into this one fella later, we figured he might ken summin, he was sittin' in der camp o' that lady as looks out fer the forest, Lagodia's 'er name I think.  All covered in blud 'e wuz, but we couldn' get not a word from him, he jus' sat there, huggin' on ter 'is knees an' rockin' forward an' back he wuz.  Maybe he'd be there still, fer 'e sure didnae look like he was goin' anywhere.."

His story trails off, as the guards finish up their ales before heading out, looking for a game of chance to wager their pay against.
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