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Author Topic: A topic in taverns and inns.  (Read 350 times)


A topic in taverns and inns.
« on: February 24, 2017, 11:18:51 am »
A broad and taller-than-most-of-his-ilk dwarf in golden armor has been seen and heard talking in the taverns of southern mistone, to some associates (they could have been , who knows right?) of his about a trip to the deep under Belinara. Mithril, they say is the goal. Sheesh, such fools will only get themselves gutted by a beast or beast-elf. *Laughter erupts*
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//How does this coming
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//How does this coming Saturday, 11th sound to you? I was wondering if we can do it earlier on during the weekends, since 6pm EST is like 12am for me.



//this wknd will not be a go
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//this wknd will not be a go bc we'll be out visiting dad for his bday.  Maybe next week w, tr or fri or the next weekend.



//On next week's wednesday I
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//On next week's wednesday I have to get up real early, so thursday would be a better option. Friday is a no-go, since I'll be going out bbq:ing on a campfire and maybe skiing. Sunday is good for me, and the week after that is also negotiable. :) Dang this is getting hard to organize :D



//Next week's Sunday, then?
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//Next week's Sunday, then?



//Looks like a good day set
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//Looks like a good day set the time and we'll be there!



//Looks like the american and
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//Looks like the american and european calendar's differences made me misclick the starting day to saturday 10pm my time.

The real date as discussed before IG was today at 10pm my time, which is 4h 40mins from the time I post this. I am terribly sorry.

As for the calendar differences: In the european style calendar the week starts from Monday, and in the american style version the week starts from Sunday. :)