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an untimely end, by Nus the Bard


Basil Binn, a banker of Karthy, met with an untimely end during an overnight stop on the road to Karthy. He had with him an escort who were unable to prevent his death. And whilst no suspicion has fallen on them, neither have they been cleared. It is expected an enquiry of some sort may be held. The leader of this escort Tobin of the Temple of Toran has a previously unblemished record and he stated "I look forward to any such enquiry and the chance to clear me and my escort of any blame." Another member of the escort, Cole Norseman,  reminded this Bard that the escort had not been paid and that the Captain was no longer in charge of the group.

Well it appears after due and proper investigation Basil Binn had passed away peacefully, and not as a result of foul play as was first thought. His missing property and valuables were found hidden by the ale cask, where he had obviously hidden them. The host when interviewed by this bard recalled that he had mentioned something about Nus putting his trust in drink, and well I guess he did. This resolved - the party are cleared of all suspicion.


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