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Author Topic: Bird Letters Sent to Mica, Brunhilde, Eggy, Ke'koa, Bruce, Gilshem, & Iron Oxide  (Read 1045 times)


// Mica, Brunhilde, Eggy, Ke'Koa, Bruce, Gilshem, and Iron Oxide receive messages via bird //

Ho Kin!

The Crimson Company has conferred
, and we be in righteous ale-sotted but clear-battleminded agreement
That Ye Be Friends, and Worthy Kin, and
T'would be an Honor to us
for ye to consider joining the Crimson Company!

We have conferred, and ye are approved and embraced, if ye so choose to say YEA!

Send a bird in response, and we'll celebrate with good stout!

As to the leadership o' the Company: each o' us has equal say, equal vote, on the goings-on of the company.
No one kin has more power in the company than ye do!

We be workin' to get a fine dwarven hearth-home built in the Ire Mountains!

Come meet with us to discuss, ask questions, and to offer yer suggestions and ideas.

Crimson Company Moot - a gathering for all who are can meet by the campfire in Center:
(// Sunday, Nov 10th, 8 PM Eastern Time, 6 PM Mountain Time).

If ye know other brave-hearted stout kin, invite them to the gatherin!

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