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Neema - who had been mostly
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Neema - who had been mostly watching others and trying to stay out of the way - nods with a smile at the question, though the expression falters a little as she looks over Ceviran. "I had wondered myself where the notion of theft originated. Could her face not be simply altered? Easier than transmuting specific features, harder to restore than a veil... to hide identity, perhaps, or..."

She chuckles softly at herself. "I thought I would keep idle speculation to myself, however, as I did come with little but a rumor and hoped to know more.


The little witch is mostly
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The little witch is mostly quiet. Her examinations don't stop at magical tasting; catching Neema's and Ceviran's eyes, she runs gentle fingers over the smooth skin of the face, feeling the for dips and edges that mark bone. Her touch glides over flesh-covered eye sockets, pressing lightly to feel for orbs underneath, and over the lower mandible, pressing harder to check lower jaw impressions and for the resistance of a tongue. She also checks for herself Quill's observation of the smooth junctions of the suffocating facial skin to the rest of the woman's body. "Mister Quill, would you allow us to assist in the removal of this flesh so we can better understand what happened? Transmutation may only be part of it."



Vincent continues his work
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Vincent continues his work with the Al'Noth as neema and Lola investigate and speculate. He too tries to hold his counsel for now. But as a grim silence prevails he finds the atmosphere toxic and needs defining "It's almost time to lock up this part of the enquiry and explore the scene - and then your party will really begin. I wonder how it will end...." He trails off apparently lost in some frightening thought of his own. He composes himself, wrapping his cloak about him, he returns his focus to the safer work to hand.



Quill nods at Vincent’s
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Quill nods at Vincent’s suggestions. “Yes, I initially had that thought too, but there are no signs of plant residue or pollens.” He frowns a little with a thoughtful look on his face. Vincent’s probing for indications of Al’Noth reveal the same slight traces of transmutation magic on the body. The room itself does not have any other discernable auras, but various pieces of gear belonging to the other people in the room radiate differing levels of Al’Noth.


Katelyn’s probings narrow down the type of magic a little further. It has an arcane taste or feel to it… nothing divine can be discerned.


Lola’s physical touching and feeling of the surfaces of her face seems to indicate the bone structure remained unchanged. She does not feel any cartilage where a nose should be though. She can also feel the eyeballs underneath the smooth skin surface, and what appears to be a tongue.


Quill glances at the leather clad man standing next to Katelyn, but says nothing yet. He picks up a small and razor sharp scalpel and bends over the body and begins making some deft incisions around the dead girl's head. He grabs a pair of forceps and begins peeling the skin back to reveal flesh, muscles, bones, and veins. “No face underneath it appears. Alteration is out of the question. It appears that all of the cartilage and muscle structure underneath has well as the original skin and has been replaced by this new skin covering. Her face was “taken” and the smooth skin replacing it covered all of her breathing orifices and she suffocated.”


Quill glances at Vincent and says….”It looks like some field investigation work needs to be done. I would have to concur with the gentleman.

//Another week or so this will be going to calendar for in-game quest...