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Title: Katherian
Post by: mixafix on October 28, 2010, 08:36:31 am
News of the downfall of a minor crime family the Gonnsowres is quickly followed by news of the escape of some that family to parts new to fight another day. In their wake their involvment in various activities is uncovered and other gangs move in to take over theire work. At least one gang member was downed by mercenaries out hunting trolls. A stolen cache of gold was handed back to the authorities by these same mercenaries.
 Elsewhere around town one or two static quests remain in game (while the server is up) for the enterprising group.
 Any finds to Mixafix for RP opportunities.
Title: Re: Katherian
Post by: mixafix on January 29, 2011, 05:26:04 am
A small stir is caused among the streets of Fort Vehl as a small herd of fine horses arrives for Sala Salvorre from her family in Katherian apparently for her birthday in celebration of the families ascending wealth and power in the ever changing pot that is Katherian.
 Standing near the docks at Vehl Old Wotsatt was heard to remark "Money goes to money eh." nodding towards the well dressed figure rolling a coin along his fingers who was overseeing the unloading.
Title: Re: Katherian
Post by: mixafix on March 01, 2011, 10:51:04 am
Further changes in the power structure of Katherian took place in fairly traditional manner recently with the destruction of an Inn at Katherian's better quarter and the death of many of it's occupants at the hands of deathly spells, undead and other unsightly summons.
 An elderly resident was said to be the target of the destruction and he indeed was among the dead and was said to belong to one of the criminal gangs from the city.
 Just another day in the big city one cynic was heard to mutter, now wanna buy a sundial -going cheap you know.