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Nature's travelling shop
« on: December 22, 2013, 03:35:33 pm »
Heard around Center.Foresta Fiveoaks, druid and shifter, reclusive, reticent, rude even, has taken off overseas. To a grove deep within some faraway forest. There they say she has promised to open her travelling shop for business. She is said to have collected a small ethically gathered collection of goods for sale to those closely aligned to nature who might best describe her present surrounds.She is to be found under a maple tree, where she says she can hear others whispering among the trees. Ozy, Brisbane even...druidic babbling no doubt but thats what people say.//10pm gmt will be at this location offering trade for like minded individuals , those with a knowledge of the surrounds are particularly welcome.
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Well I mean yeah, you are
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Well I mean yeah, you are probably right, I mean mostly it is all double duck to me, I mean might as well be speaking to the cows there..but I hear the druid has moved shop. Now she has left a small reward for first to arrive  at the old place but now, today...


she is on another island. Beyond the soldiers and 1000 cuts she has gone to a dark place, got herself her own room...yeah whatever right!...druids sheesh.

//10pm gmt will be at this location offering trade for like minded individuals , those with a knowledge of the surrounds are particularly welcome.



Well I hear the shifters are
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Well I hear the shifters are on the move again, well that's what shifting is all about I suppose. Something has been left behind for anyone interested enough to look. But for now where too - well way I hear it there is something of a big woodsie party going on down in the woods as you might the shop is closed or well not quite.


Seems rumour has it a few trinkets have been put aside for the discerning do-gooders who find themselves in the right place.

The right place...yeah well here goes as I heard it...the treasure is hidden in plain site but you are going to have to do some good first - scrape a few orcish types  and goblins off the dungeon floor first..oh yeah and did I mention halfings too..yeah i'm told they are nasty.


Guardian 452

//PM sent
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//PM sent



//Anyone out there
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//Anyone out there today...all three sites still in play as far as I know.



So I'm speaking to Miss
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So I'm speaking to Miss Druidy and she is all huffing and puffing - so naturally I said where is the fire - someone set the forest on fire eh? snaps right back at me doesn't she, fire, its in Sharawood forest and people with any gumption will get right round there and put it out!

Druids eh, couldn't eat a whole one could you!