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Destination Vale
« on: October 22, 2015, 12:48:35 pm »
A solitary figure, cloaked and hooded in drab colors , steps tentatively out of a portal near Prantz. After  pausing to survey the walls of the city the traveller approaches several  different people,  apparently making inquiries. The conversations are very brief. Either the ones accosted  have no answer or do not wish to be seen talking to a stranger. The fourth passerby, however, is apparently more receptive. A few minutes of aminated conversation ensue, accompanied by a lot of pointing and gestures.The conversation ends with a nod and a quiet 'thank you' . Walking stick in hand, the figure shuffles off, at an unhurried pace, on the road that winds past  Lake Dalos .   
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The road becomes less
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The road becomes less defined, the land wilder as civilization recedes. There are few travellers and only  the occasional band of giants. All are avoided with ease. 

A few days later the shimmering waters of Lake Corax beckon.  The traveller quiety nods to himself, allowing himself a bit of relief. There is a perception of peacefulness, almost an aura here.  To those attuned, it is obvious that there are steward(s) of nature that watch over this place and no doubt reside close by. 

A simple camp is made in a copse of trees on a quiet alcove of the lake.  

The following morning a hawk is noted circling overhead. The traveller beckons to the bird which  gracefully decends and lands on the bough of a nearby tree.  If any witness were about, they would be certain that the hawk and the traveller were having a deep and engrossing conversation.

About an hour later the hawk rises  from the tree and  quickly ascends to the height it is most comfortable with.

Much has now been learned, the path more clear.

But first, a day to rest and meditate.




Camp is broken, the road
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Camp is broken, the road rejoined for a bit.  Not far after Lake Corax the traveller seems to veer into a patch of brambles. Only the most discerning of eyes would note that  it was in  fact a trail, one used by various creatures  'of the wild'.  To most it would seem a  far more formidable route.  In fact, for one with a keen perception of nature, this route offered nothing but clear advantages: Safety  from brigands and other ne'er do wells; creatures of all sort that could be consulted if in need; and in fact much more direct than the well worn paths.

Emerging into a clearing, a cete of badgers were  encountered.  They were able to point out the best approach to  what once was known as Vale, one that  did not disturb the nearby satyrs or  any of the other denizens of this part of the Forest.

Another day on the trail, the destination reached.  

An almost unfathomable amount of harm had been done here.  

The land seemed to practically groan in pain. 


It was time to aid in  the healing.