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Posted around Center and other civic centres
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:50:15 am »
Ever wished someone was there to run your goods across the world. Ever dispaired when you need something delivered to your location but are busy bashing. Successful Adventurers across the world, too many dungeons and not enough time  to meet up with your suppliers ? Tied up with important duties? You guys know you deserve the best service. You have earned the right not to need to go running all over the world gathering belongings, collectables and spells. Well help is at hand. Discrete Deliveries is now available for those special tasks. We will collect and deliver goods providing competetive contracts. We will also consider any gathering requests and aim to offer a fast and reliable response to all requests. All our staff have been vetted and are GRAS approved employees. We fully trust them to work within the confines of your requirements and all have been specially trained to carry keys and trues and operate under the WYF scheme. In the first instance please contact our Mr Thorn Thistletoe care of Bird Box 7 at Center
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