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Fort Wayfare
« on: August 05, 2011, 12:49:24 pm »
**On the recent events is well anounced that a Darkelf surrendered herself to the authorities for questioning regarding an investigation made by the goverment.  

She was then arrested for the charge of conspiricing against the goverment of Brelin, and helping known criminals . The trial was a fast one since the subject admited some of the charges, and has been helpful and not giiving the authorities much troublem yet the crime she was sought was found guilty. At this moment her sentence has increased to 3 years for the said crimes. Duchess has been convicted but her positive treatment and helpful beheavior to the autorithies.

She is under care of the authorities at the moment on a non public location.

At the same time the security over the whole fort has increased, rummors speas of an attempt to break in on the prision , which ended with the attackers being defeated, the head of a dark elf can be seen on open display on a pike on each of the entraces of the town.
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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2011, 12:45:17 am »
A figure finally returns to Fort Wayfare and in passing glances at the emaciated head on the pike before proceeding into the Fort.

As Leisa finds a quiet spot in the fort and prepares, she thinks that it was about time Nihaer stopped trying to use henchmen to do the job of professionals.


Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2011, 08:45:11 am »
*Buddy shakes his head at the hearing of the news*

They actually let a proven guilty Darky live.

*He then marks a spot on his calendar 3 years in the future. He writes a small note "Going hunting"*

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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2011, 06:30:29 pm »
*As the recent events, Wayfare is under heavy vigilance, as the news of a break out came from one of the jails , the situation was controleed fast by the forces of the law, With minor losses,  most of the losses were criminals that were murderers and killers thoug.

Some blame the dark elves as new heads are shown on pikes on the entraces of the town, others blame the presence of the always polemic mercenary Steel as his arrival to the Fort seems convenient at least.

A Proclamation has been  made by the fort:

*A warrant is issued for the man known as Steel. Under the charges of "Aiding a known criminal to escape " this by  use of the Al'Noth for illegal activities

The man steel has to be proclaimed enemy of the nation and should be brought to justice as soon as its posible, the man is considered dangerous.*

On other news on the fort, A dark elf was burned in the middle of the town, and was presented in a red tunic, she was openly showing the Az'attan colors and was executed for conspiracy as well. She was found guilty of organizing the riot on the jail and executed to a long and painful death on the Pyre..

Several guards have been seen around the Cailomel's shop and the areas near the store as a public anouncement has been made for the warrant as well of other dark elf by name Duchess, *A description of her follows*  She also answers to the allias of Maw Baker, and she is considered dangerous. She has been put on the fugitive status and a public proclamation speaking of her permanent banishment of Fort Wayfare.

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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2011, 11:26:13 pm »
// Just to complicate things, it would be helpful to know when this occurs, specifically regarding Steel's involvement on the Blackford Castle [POST=1726000]council[/POST] and the "current" [POST=1726317]siege[/POST] of Briardusk. //
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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #5 on: September 12, 2011, 09:17:36 am »
*After some months a large contigent of about 20 men is seen entering the town being lead by a elf wearing a red vest and a mighty bow on his back, the elf clearly giving orders to the men, carrying the criminal Steel gaged and chained without the mask, Steel came in walking still into the town despite the fight ( if there was any , since the man looked unwounded or not even marked ).

The criminal was delivered to the office of the guard and its awaiting for interrogation and sentencing. The ilsarean elf left inmediately after the delivery of the criminal to the authorrities.

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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2011, 02:12:19 pm »
*As the time passed, The crimimal Steel was judged on a fast trail due most of the evidences found against him, he was found non guilty of the other crimes that he was refered to.*

*After one year and half the criminal is escorted out of town by the guards thru a portal , and he is banned from Wayfare for other 2 years, his sentence is fullfilled with excelent beheavior by the mysterious mercenary.

Some people wonder if this was not part of a bigger plot, and the situation on the fort tenses a bit, the guard patroils increasing and the security tightening. *

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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #7 on: March 17, 2012, 07:47:16 pm »
**There are news of the well known Elohana was seen in a visit To the fort, but the wizardess dissapeared as mysteriously as she appeared, alongside her has been some thick securty increasing in the fort for not openly known reasons.

Captain Daniel Benjamin Poetr was seen amoung the streets as well, lots of people wondering if he coming to lead the effort for whatever is transpiring on the fort, he has been on and off on the streets , but not as much as one expected to see him amoung the ranks and files of the Rofirenites stationed on Wayfare.

Dangerous times transpire **

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Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #8 on: March 19, 2012, 04:57:17 pm »
**After some time, a wagon is seen leaving  the town towards the south, some gossips say that the very Daniel Benjamin Poetr escorted was escorting Miss Elohanna after she had a minor accident and was recovering, the carriage left fast towards the south and not muich was able to confirm such , the security measures keep increased at the Fort, and the guards are really taking in the surrouindings and the increased security is noticeable *


Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #9 on: March 19, 2012, 04:59:56 pm »
Andrew Reid arrives, inquiring of the town guard about the whereabouts of his wife.  Discovering both Elohanna and Rose gone and sensing himself a bit unwelcome, he turns his horse south after the carriage.


Re: Fort Wayfare
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2012, 05:43:35 pm »
With the help of Daniel and Andrew when he catches up, she finally returns back to the Angels shop in Port Hempstead fields, though those that have seen her say she has been very quiet.
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