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The recent tremors that have plagued Mistone in the region around Haven City and the Silkwood Forest cumulated in the early morning hours of (Layo Date to be added once the sundials are reset) as massive earthquake to shook the region.

The shock wave was felt as far as Spellgard and Hlint but the damage was limited to the Silkwood region.


Flash flooding occurred around several dry creek beds as large subterranean aquifer was disturbed. This is thought as well to be the source of flooding in many underground structures of the region. These structures may well remain permanently submerged. Only time will tell. The flooding washed skeletal remains down stream of an old burial site. Proper authorities have been alerted to deal with the re-interment of these souls before they can run amok.

There are some reports of a large debris cloud that mushroomed above the forest. Since it occurred in an uninhabited section of the great tract of forest, it is thought to be the collapse of some natural structure or perhaps old ruins in the area.


Haven City thankfully suffered only minor to moderate structural damage and no town residents have been reported as casualties. Haven Castle had several towers partially collapse but they are repairable. The mines that sustain the economy of the town however were mostly devastated by the quake. If the economy is to survive, new mines will have to be built in the surrounding territories.


The mine collapse may have exterminated a large portion of the local gnoll population. It is unknown how many still populated the underground areas in the wake of recent flooding but non there could have survived the cave ins caused by the quake.



I apologize for missing the
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I apologize for missing the end of this.  I had every intention of coming--just forgot to write it down.




We missed you !    Alatriel
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We missed you !    Alatriel and I used Teamspeak to chat during the quests and I was asking her during the final bit - I wonder how Ferrit would have handled this?