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Report - Deep dwarves spotted in the Silk Wood


*Hank Everdale, Priest of Toran, submits an urgent report to the Toranite Temple in Ft. Llast which reads as follows:*

Sirs, I Hank Everdale Priest of Toran hereby report a scirmish my friend, Tipsy Oak, and I had with deep dwarves in the Silk Wood near the witch house.  We were on our way to mine in the nearby cave and ran into at least five well trained deep dwarves.  After loosing both our oxen to the deep dwellers we tactically retreated to Hlint.  We were approached by some unsavory mercs who we begrudgingly allowed to help us track down the intruders.  The deep dwarves were found and put down after a heated and well fought battle.

I hereby request that you send a search party in the area to track down any stragglers, find where they broke surface and put out a warning to would be travelers to that area.

In the service of Toran,

Hank Everdale


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