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Rescue the Flag - Glittering Isles past the Barrier


*Gumbo seeks out his comrades for a return to that dark place that stole so much life and pride from his valued party....and also confiscated his flag*  "We're go'n back!  The spilled our ales and sucked our pride up loike ghosts need'n juice...toime tah restock n pay'm a house visit!"

//Return trip planned to get Gum's flag; Start at Arnax on this Wednesday (4/8) at 20:00 UK time/15:00 USA Eastern time.
//Any are welcome 

* A smaller group is seen making camp on the outskirts of Arnax. A bit battered and bruised and battle worn.  Seems they made it out of the Glittering isles with a few less than went in.


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