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Sinister Forest
« on: November 17, 2010, 02:30:03 am »
A long standing effort to root out vampire activity in the Sinister Forest was brought to a tooth this month when groups of slayers over a hundred in number deployed to the forest in small groups. They began a wide sweep for vampires, uncovering over a dozen nests which left the master vampire with nowhere to hide. One searching group uncovered his temporary hiding place, and without his host of protectors he proved no match for their Dwarven axes, glib Bardish tongues,goblin forked tongues and the fine point of expert sword wielders.
 There was concern however that necromancy had saved the creature from final demise but it is hoped there will be a relative peace and that nearby disturbances in the Al'Noth which have been dealt with by Spellswords out of Spellgard will also come to an end.
 Rumours from the Toranites of the return of a Demi Lich to the area were played down by officials.
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