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Something Screwy
« on: July 10, 2009, 10:45:01 pm »
**Ami hops up to the Ilsare temple in Hlint.*
 Hey, girls, have you heard of anything screwy going on with the Al'Noth in Sharawood? I was headed to Miritrix and I entered the forest from the the docks nearby. I think they call that place, Myth, Biff, Cliff...something or other and all of a sudden...*she throws her arms up in the air* WHAMMO! All my wards are gone. I had my sword out and everything. Which means it got heavy. Well, you see, I tried to cast some strength, but nope! It wouldn't work. I guess I tried it eight times or so with the same result. Nothing! So, I headed on to Miritrix and sat at the fire and read for a while before coming back here to see what you girls were up to. What are you two up to anyways?
 *Ami sits down and has a LONG girl talk session with people at the temple.*
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