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A Broken Spell
« on: July 09, 2019, 09:13:01 pm »
An adventurous Halfling appeared the other night in a small village called Center quite curious and eager to explore the area. No one seems to have caught his name or perhaps he never gave it, but he spent the better part of several days exploring the surrounding area and poking his head into places it likely should not have been.

As he claimed to be quite proficient with a blade in addition to many other talents, a distraught woman in the crafting hall implored him to venture down into the cellar for there was an infestation of insects, rats, and other vermin. It did not take long for the Halfling to determine it was not nearly safe enough down there as he would like and he took it upon himself to find a human shield to act as a guide.

With the human's help, the Halfling cleared out the vermin in the cellar and the various tunnels below the crafting hall which did indeed impress the woman so much she offered him a generous pouch of gold. After using the gold to outfit himself with better equipment, the Halfling ventured down below the crafting hall by himself as he had seen there were several other tunnels, some much smaller than the man who ventured down with him before could fit through. That's one of the many flaws that people of such abnormally large sizes have.

After several turns and what was a distinct downward slope, the Halfling crawled through a tight tunnel that opened into a larger rough cavern. To his amazement he found there were 6 bodies of various sizes laid out on smooth stone tables. Shimmering sleeves of magic encased them all. Also in the room was a pedestal with an ornate gem that pulsed softly with a calming blue light.

After looking over all of the bodies and ensuring they did not appear to be mobile, he thought he had much better use for the gem than whoever left it there and he snatched it from the pedestal. As soon as he took it, there was a low rumble and the shimmering magics encasing the bodies began to fade. The bodies themselves started to shift and stir.

The Halfling fearing retribution or at least the loss of his newly acquired gem, dove back into the tight tunnel and hurried back up to the surface through the winding maze of passages as fast as he could.