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Songs and Prayers
« on: July 09, 2019, 09:26:13 pm »
Daniel and Lana Poetr make a small camp at the Center fire, inviting any fellow adventurers to share their troubles and to offer their services as guides. 

//Wednesday July 10th, 6:30 pm Central , 7:30 eastern.  If you need help with a quest, we'll take a vote(if more than one or two,  and go do it!  If no one wants quests done, we'll go the Dragon Isles and get lost!!//
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Re: Songs and Prayers
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// I don't think I can attend unfortunately as I'd really like to. However just to be sure I'm checking my schedule right I have a clarification question. It says 6:40pm Central, 7 Eastern. However, the Central and Eastern timezones are a full hour apart, not 20 minutes. Is that supposed to be 6:40pm Central, 7:40pm Eastern (and extrapolating 5:40pm Mountain, 4:40pm Pacific)?


Re: Songs and Prayers
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//No, that's me trying to do more than two times zone at once.  Fixed.