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The End of the Curse
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A huge crater now sits in the foothills to the south of Mount Norand.  Those that were still alive in the area said that the explosion rocked the ground below them sending out aftershocks for some time.  And yet, as the shocks subsided, those that had been suffering and dying from the Destroyer's Curse finally felt relief.

As weeks pass without any new incidents, Boyer's borders finally begin to reopen, at first tentatively, and then almost desperately as they try to regain trade in spite of the horrible famines still going on around the world.

As people return to their respective faiths, they are offered commendations and acknowledgments for their exceptional bravery and steadfastness in their victory over the Destroyer's Curse.

Many towns, including Stone, Bydell Castle, Spellgard, and Bloody Gate have commissioned stone plaques to be carved with the names of those who served on this quest.  And many songs are now being sung through the halls of the Breath of the Muse.


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Somewhere, an elf can be heard muttering: "Great. Now I need to get a new name..."
At least it was over. Time to lick his wounds, and get some training done. The whole affair had left him with an impression of uselessness as a scout, lacking the spellweaving others had. Or the sword. Or the bow.
It was over, but at what cost...


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When the dust clears Vincent Coste surfaces from his place of concealment too far from the scene to have had any involvement in the final blast. Far enough to have remained safe from the destruction.

He travels with the news as it spreads, basking in the reflected glory that being first with the news might bring.

"Vincent Coste, Necromancer of distinction -without the mask and basement gatherings, so fear not. I am an expert in my field and of course a volunteer in the great expedition to deal a a vital...." He pauses making some notes - this speech needs a little more work!

"Still I have arrived!"

Lance Stargazer

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*After the whole thing and the "unusual way" that the battle ended,  Aesthir is seen traveling back to Western Gate alongside Maximilian, during the trip he speaks with the other fellow Rofirenite to learn about the start of the mission and in such to find the answers on his mind, he speaks on this so it will go on records, so the history is known if the curse repeats itself again.*


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Returning to friends and family in Llast, a Beacon of the Shining Hand returns home looking wearied yet relieved. He enters the Temple to give account of all that transpired to the Priests of Toran so they might pass along the information up the appropriate channels. Duty done he relaxes and takes time off from his Order to recharge and contemplate all that happened.