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Toranite Aid
« on: August 19, 2016, 09:46:59 am »
Daniella Stormhaven and several other Toranites head for Liwich to lend aid.  They bring with them what healing supplies they can and spread out to help in the different affected towns.  Daniella rides for Wymere.  When she gets there, she does what she can to help ease the suffering of those afflicted.  As a last resort to try to save a life, she calls upon her Toran-granted ability to cure disease only to learn that it is ineffective against the plague known as the Wasting Death.  With this new knowledge, she continues to work to try to help people in any way she can, not with sword and shield, but with hard work, perseverance, attention, prayer, and time.  As the healing population of Wymere dies off, she does her best to make up for their losses on her own with any of the other Toranites that accompanied her to Wymere until more aid can be found.  Unwilling to chance the spread to other towns by sending messages, she and any others buckle down to ride out the storm of the illness until it hopefully eases.  
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