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A reminder on abuse of NPC AI in temples, stores and other such locations


To sum up all such situations, we ask that you do not engage in one-sided interactions with NPCs or draw conclusions from NPC reactions (or lack thereof) when said NPC is not under the direct control of a GM.  Examples of this sort of thing include (but are not limited to):
[*]Blatantly disrespecting, desecrating or otherwise performing some sort of negative action against temples or temple staff.
[*]Force-emoting, threatening, taunting and other sorts of aggressive or hostile sorts of interactions with NPCs in general.
[*]Characterizing the lack of response of NPCs as apathy, indifference or similar things.
[*]Any other case where any reasonable intelligence would react differently than an idle NPC would normally act.
[*]Making assumptions in a RP or Character Development Thread regarding how an existing NPC would react in conversation.
[*]Putting words into the mouths of NPC adversaries whether for RP purposes or inclusion in one's CDT.[/LIST]In all these cases, were there any real intelligence behind the NPCs (i.e. GM direction) they would react according to character, and only GMs, not players, have the leeway to determine the reactions of NPCs.

If it is within your character's personality to, for example, spit on a temple altar, insult Captain Trent or have a shouting match with the Hlint bartender, by all means, contact a GM and play it out interactively, provided you are prepared for the IC consequences of these actions. Taking such actions when the NPCs do not have a chance to respond, however, is not what we want to see.

As this is certain to come up, if the NPC is one solely of your own creation, for instance a parent, child or other relative of your character, it is acceptable for you to make assumptions as to their personality and reactions, unless that NPC was introduced or developed by a GM.

(NOTE: This thread replaces an older thread, which contains some outdated and extraneous information. The concepts within the thread have been summarized and condensed here for convenience)


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