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Chaotic Neutral Characters


Well it seems I am going to have to restrict this alignment a little more.  We have a lot of players that just can not pull this off and some are not even willing to try and learn, sadly.  I have dreaded having to make this decision as it further restricts things in the world but I think it needs to be done if I am going to keep the RP levels up in the world and hopefully make alignments mean something.  CN is a difficult alignment to play and I want to make sure it is RP'd correctly, not just chosen for some reason such as wanting to do anything at any time or perhaps because one wants to go evil later on and this makes it easier.
  With that stated.  The team is going to start watching players of this alignment and we will start adjusting them to a more fitting alignment and it is very possible a player will be asked to quit playing a character that they just can not RP (in extreme cases only though—and only after they have shown the majority of the team –not just one or two of us—that they can not play that alignment.)
  From this point forward (unless I state differently) a character may not start out as CN unless the player has been here at Layonara for at least two months and has at least one character of tenth level or higher.  This gives the team and I a chance to watch said person RP and learn for ourselves if we think that person can RP CN properly.  It also gives the player a chance to join with the community and learn what the community and server is all about.


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