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Sorry, for bumping an old debate but just came across this, read through it and thought I'd share my opinion on a few things discussed here. Namely society, civilization, druids using gold and use of bows.

society: Both from my opinion and a possible summery of the Webster definition that Milt linked to. A society is a grouping of people (or even creatures) who come together with the same (or relative) ideas and/or goals.

civilization: To say civilization is the mastering, exploiting, and enslaving a natural habitat is going a little to far in my opinion and not all civilization is about expansion. There have been and still are today various civilizations that work with and even cultivate nature. These civilizations are often known as tribes, be them Indians, barbarian or what ever. Though many upstart nobles never really consider such people as civilized. In addition and I may be summarizing the Webster definition wrong but a civilization is how a group of people (or creatures) choose to live there lives.

Druids with gold: In a way, druids do not need gold at all. Not even in Layo and there is a way that a druid can get what he or she needs from another person without the use of gold. Long before there was a thing called currency (money, gold ect.) there was a thing known as... trading. (rather surprised no one has mentioned this) Perhaps some of you have done this with your frinds for things of there's that you wanted in exchange for things of yours that they wanted? Perhaps some of you still do. That I would imagine would be the best way for any druid to deal with  bartering. Additionally, with the term "gold pieces" who's to say there not but chunks of golden rocks? After all that is what unprocessed gold is. Pure gold ore... with all its natural impurities.

Druids with bows: I don't really see how a druid would have any problem using a bow nor a composite bow (compound bows use metal cables and pulleys) The only problem a druid might have with using a bow would be the metal tipped arrows, so only wood and stone arrowheads for druid archers.