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Aryn Ravenlocke:

--- Quote ---Leanthar - 1/20/2005 6:13 AM   All characters start with common. All race characters start with the ear of their language (elf = elf ear, halfling=halfling ear etc.). If a character was raised in a community for an extended amount of time and it is stated very well and quite clearly in their character submission/approval then the character will get the ear of that community.
  After that...Everything is based off of your raw (unbuffed) Intelligence Bonus and must be RP'd (extensively) in game.
  Int of 10 = You can not get any additonal ears.
  Int of 12 (+1 bonus) = You may receive an additional ear.
  Int of 14 (+2 bonus) = You may receive 2 additional ears.
  Int of 16 (+3 bonus) = You may receive 3 additional ears.
  Int of 18 (+4 bonus) = You may receive 4 additional ears.
  Int of 20 (+5 bonus) = You may receive 5 additional ears. (it will never be more than this).
  If you get an ear by default (for instance dark elves get drow and elf ears) it does not count against your intelligence bonus... so if you have a 14 int you could get 2 more ears in addition to the 2 ears that you start with.
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