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In character roleplaying vs. griefing

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I have a question griefing. I play a character who can, from time to time, gets fed up with other people, and starts acting rude. A few days ago my character was being picked on by a brownie who, after he turned invisible, poked him in the legs, pushed him around, and called him names. Now, my character probably deserved something like this, because he did not take the brownie serious when he first saw him, this being the first time he ever saw a brownie. My character got mad and started threatening to hurt the brownie, and tried to chase the creature away. At certain point the Hlint guard captain was called in because my character was getting armed. Of course he took his weapons down when the captain ordered him to. Both players were fine with this, and enjoyed playing out this situation.

In the server rules of this forum it is stated that griefing is not allowed. It says that "Griefing is the act of intentionally causing another player emotional harm by a verbal assault. It is also the act of intentionally causing players to not be able to have fun in the world [...]."

Now, my issue is that there could be situations where the characters are harassed and being treated rude, but this happens in character. If this is roleplayed right, the player is not griefed or harmed. Is this kind of roleplaying allowed?

  You said it in your post. "Griefing is the act of intentionally causing another player emotional harm." As long as both/all parties know it's all in good RP, and how the characters feel about each other does not reflect how the players feel, go ahead and yell, scream, threaten... curse if you need to (though try and keep it the "friendly curses" and only with people you know well).
    I was watching and you looked to be RPing well to me. Reacting probably the way most people would/should. Curious, disbelieving, and a bit annoyed by the little bugger.

I have had questions like this before. Sometimes I will send a tell to the other player that I am just rp'ing and make sure things are allright. Cole has issures with drow :)

Now, when he used to see Albert(ZV) it was NEVER nessacary too send such tell. If you read any of his posts you will see that ZV definitly believes Drow should not be treated as nice as they are. So I was very comfortable being a drow hater with his char.

*Whacks Cole on the head with his staff..... again* And don't forget it! ;)

Amarath was indeed rather annoyed by the "quarterling" as he called the brownie. I wasn't sure how far he could go with this, so that is why I posted this question. It is mostly clear now.

One thing I still would like to know is if it is permitted in situations like this, to go one step further, and attack another character or cast a spell on him/her (not that Amarath would be able to cast a spell)? If Amarath would ever think about going down that path, it would not be more than a single hit or so. In the pen and paper campaign I was playing in, we had the possibility to do this, but it would almost allways be things like knockdown or overbearing (no real damage). I'm not sure how this could be done in NWN.


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