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I play a Monk / Cleric on many RP servers..  I can RP a great story for the split.. however before I devote the time..   I understand if I take monk to 5.. and then start my cleric I can not return to monk.. that would be fine... I can RP and include details in the bio submission.. but anyway I plan on taking monk to 5 and cleric rest of way..  a cleric of plant and travel domain.. looking into your deities ATM. Any advice from a GM on justifying this char.. it is all I ever really play. However sometimes I switch up druid for cleric.. but Im not interested in playing a druid here in Layonara after reading a few things. The plant and travel domains will play a part in his leaving of the monk's disciplined life..  

anyway..  Thanks in advance  ;P

and i understand the disciplined life of a cleric as well... however it would all be included in the bio submission...

Talan Va'lash:
Feel free to submit it, but I'll warn that its very unlikely to be approved as the purpose of taking a small number of monk levels is to get two (three with flurry) additional attacks by level 20 and free AC for the clerics sizable wisdom modifier.

To play said character you would have to convince that you are not taking it for the above stated reasons.  Which may be a little difficult since you started with this premise for the character, as opposed to starting a monk, who in the course of his development, had something big happen to him at which point he decided to become a cleric.

I wont get the extra attacks with a bow.. only applies to kama and unarmed. ;)


And this char already has a story.. just have to alter it for Layonara.. have made it in other PW's that require certain number of lvls..


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