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While loaning "credit" to a character is not against the server rules it can easily be pushed over the line and can quickly be classified as muling. I am asking that you please be VERY CAREFUL about the way you loan items or True/Gold. Lets not push the boundries.
 A few examples:
 A level 12 character who has been active for several months (or longer) borrows a little bit (but fully intends to pay it back) in order to buy a diamond amulet. This would be acceptable as it is not muling and indeed can pass for RP.
 However, a level 5 character gaining a full set of good gear or a large amount of True/Gold through credit or association (such as a guild) is not acceptable in any way. A level 5 character is "new" to adventuring and thus will take a long time to find/make friends (via RP), I think everybody would agree with that statement in an In-Character and RP way. Most certainly "guilds" would not loan a lot of True/Gold to the character because he/she is not proven and/or is not well known.
 One thing that is illegal (and this is known) is that one should not enter houses that another of their character(s) (or friends/guildmates) has storage just to equip items and/or take items/true from a chest. This is most certainly muling and it is a blatant attempt of muling. By this I mean: Say you are a level 5 character and you have another character that is level 15 and that character has a house and/or is a member of a guild, but this new level 5 character does not. The level 5 character should not gain the "benefits" of your other character, they are different characters and they need to be RP'd that way. To push this line is muling, and there can be no other explaination, so please do not do this. This rule is explained and is known already but it seems I need to spend some more time to explain it again.
 Final Note:
 Since "loaning" is a two way street (it takes two or more players) both players need to be aware of the situation and the character and loan in question. Both players need to be aware that this can (and does) quickly become muling. Both sides will be held accountable. So please keep that in mind.
 It is okay to "loan" but use some common sense and keep it reasonable. And don't push the lines please, I don't want to have to make a rule that loans are not allowed (that would suck).
 If it does not feel right then it most likely is not right. And I am quite sure that nearly everybody will agree that any of the examples above would not feel right.
 Thank you.

More clarification and requests.
 House Keys:
 There is really no reason to have more than 1-3 house keys in your possession. I can come up with reasons to have up to three (yours, a guild you belong to, and your in-game spouse or acquantance) but more than that really is pushing the line. When one has more than this it tends to raise red flags with the team and the player community. Nobody likes to have red flags as it wastes time and effort and it ruins the fun for all involved and acquainted. I am asking that you not carry more than three house keys please. While it is not a rule (and I don't want to make it a rule) it is a request that helps the team and the community.
 Quest Completion Items:
 Please do not store quest completion items in chests. While I can see it being useful from time to time (and for VERY short periods of time--ie a day or two at the very most) it really should not be happening. A quest completion item is any item that is turned in to an NPC in order to complete a quest (so heads, ears, or other items that are turned in to get a reward or completion). Please do not store these items in chests any sadly can lead to muling and breaking of other rules very easily. If you have these items in a chest now please remove them and finish off the quest within the next few days. If you have already finished the quest(s) (which begs the question of why are you storing the item(s) at all) then please trash the items ASAP.
 While it certainly isn't against the rules to store gold in chests it is frowned upon in certain situations. For instance, if your bank account has a few thousand (or perhaps a few 10s of thousands) of gold but you have 100s of thousands (or millions) of gold stored in chests it raises red flags with the team and the community. And rightfully so. There is no reason to store gold in chests when you can put it in a bank and access it from any server. Some gold I can see, but lets not get carried away. Lots of gold stored in chests raises red flags with the team and the community as a whole. Keep the gold in the bank please (within reason of course).
 Thank you.

I'm requesting clarification into this request, as a guild member, I believe Ben has at least 5 keys on him if not more.  I'd have to go ig and check.  I can say with certainty that at least 4 are used regularly - Guild hall, house, a guild house in Prantz for a portal, and a storage house in Krandor for overflow of cnr storage.  I'm sure I'm not the only guild member to have this abundance of keys.  I have no problem with disposal of the remainder of these keys as I haven't used them in a long long time and they were given before the guild had a proper guild hall.

This brings me to the next issue, Gold.  As a Guild its almost an must that we store gold in chests for sales and splits.  Is this too considered?  Thank you for your consideration.



--- Quote from: cbnicholson ---This brings me to the next issue, Gold.  As a Guild its almost an must that we store gold in chests for sales and splits.  Is this too considered?  Thank you for your consideration.
--- End quote ---

On this, it's OK for temporary reasons (like splits and such), but gold should not be stored long-term in chests as an alternative to bank accounts.  As soon as the character can, he/she should pick up the gold and deposit it or spend it.

Dorganath is correct.
 "....This brings me to the next issue, Gold. As a Guild its almost an must that we store gold in chests for sales and splits. Is this too considered? Thank you for your consideration...."
 We do not want to impede on things as clearly there needs to be a way to pay members that are not on at the same time as well as to do in-guild transactions when not everybody is on at the same time. But please use it for those purposes only (not as a "storage" unit). Access gold should go in to the bank and it should not be stored. I hope this line doesn't get pushed or we will have to change the rules (something I very much do not want to do).
 Operation usage is fine (and supported), storage is not.


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