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Reminders on griefing, telepathy, deity interactions and sexual situations


Rules on griefing, telepathy, deity interactions and sexual situations are covered in our Player Rules on LORE, but they're important enough to reference on the forums as well.  

Please remember that by submitting a character to play here, players implicitly accept and agree to these rules and the others referenced in the link.

Griefing is the act of intentionally causing another player emotional harm by a verbal assault. It is also the act of intentionally causing players to not be able to have fun in the world (following them and being a nuisance, blocking doorways, pick pocketing/stealing, kill stealing when asked not to, camping when asked to leave an area, being rude and obnoxious, etc.)
[*]Griefing is not allowed on Layonara. Doing so will result in a warning and a three day ban on the first occurrence. The second occurrence will warrant a ten-day ban and the third a permanant ban from the server.
[*]Another form of griefing is the act of attacking NPC's or stealing from them. This is not tolerated. The consequences listed above stand for this form of griefing as well.[/LIST] [INDENT]"Remember, the goal of everyone here is to have fun playing his or her characters. We are all entitled to an environment that is free of harassment or unnecessary tensions amongst the players. Be respectful to your fellow players and always remember that there is indeed a person on the other side of the character. Remember to take that fact into consideration and always use common sense when dealing with others."-Leanthar
Players may not role play that they have the ability to communicate telepathically. The only situation in which it is allowed is during a GM run quest if the GM rules that a situation exists that would allow such communication. In this case it will be handled through the GM, with each player communicating through the GM not between each other.
[INDENT]"There are no exceptions to this rule. I have seen too many abuses of telepathy."-Leanthar
[SIZE=24]Deity/Character interactions[/SIZE][/I]
Characters may not have direct contact with a Deity anywhere in their history, nor can a player decide at some point that their character had direct contact with a Deity. The only way a character may have contact with a deity is through a GM playing the personification or avatar of a deity.Clarifications:

[*]Of course at times, what characters believe themselves may have little to do with reality. A character may believe that in a drunken haze Vorax visited them and gave them a holy mission. However, the player, not the character, must keep in mind, that unless this is approved by a GM it was only a drunken haze and it did not really happen.
[*]A character praying to a deity or interpreting things as signs from a deity could be considered contact with a deity, and a character may strongly believe that their every prayer is heard and that every odd occurance is a sign. Again, keep in mind that only a GM has the authority to say whether a prayer was heard, and if there was any reaction, and whether any of these occurances are truly signs from a deity.[/LIST]
Keep in mind that a character's perceptions and convictions do not have to be true by any means. Therefore, keep a seperation in your mind as a player between what is true and what your character believes. Try to avoid becoming entangled in ooc arguments about what is really true as that can be irrelevant to what a character believes. A good way to head off such issues if they come up is to send a tell reminding the other involved players that what you are saying is your character's beliefs. Something like, "//my character also thinks he's the queen of england" often gets the point across.

[SIZE=24]Sexual/Adult situations[/SIZE]
Role playing sexual encounters between characters is not allowed. Characters may get married and/or have children, however any sexual situations may not be explicitly role played.

Kisses, hugs and other shows of affection and emotion are also acceptable, provided they remain decent enough for a family environment.

Politely bumping this thread to refresh memories. Make sure you keep these (and the rest of the rules of the server) in mind when you are on Layonara (IG on the server, IRC, or even forums).



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