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Rules on Sex, Sex innuendo's etc.


Well, sadly it is that time. I need to make the rule that under no circumstance is sex allowed between characters. It just can’t happen any longer. Some players just do not seem to get it and they just keep pushing the boundary too far. We fix one problem and we have three more come up that need to be resolved. Enough-is-enough. Sex between characters is no longer allowed, not in private locations—including houses, not in tells, not in whispers, in no way is it allowed any longer.  
Nor are ‘mark’s allowed to be used as symbols to this sort of thing. Silly stuff like that just distracts from the world and are not allowed. If you really want to have in-character sex then find another world—it is not needed nor is it desired on this server.  
 The group(s) that are doing this at this time (and we know who you are) can now break up and quit RP'ing this side of things.

Quick Update:

Kisses, hugs, displays of emotion/effection are fine, as is marriage. But it must be decent enough for a family environment.

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