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Area level restrictions –
 Effective immediately, we are lifting all area level requirements. This means that there will no longer be any level-based stipulations regarding where a character may travel. After much internal review, the GM Team feels that most, if not all, places in the game world effectively enforce their own sort of level restrictions, both in difficulty and degree of reward, and it is not beneficial to the Community or the GM Team to police or enforce such limits artificially.
 The following is a guideline for what each area is designed for danger wise, so that players may knowingly choose their destinations.
[*]Travel to Central server, generally, is meant for those level eight ( 8 ) and above.
[*]Travel to north of Miritrix, Isle of the Glittering Mists, and all underground areas on Belinara is meant for those level seventeen (17) and above.
[*]All caverns north of the Thunder Valley Crossroads is meant for levels seventeen (17) and above.
[*]Travel on Voltrex is meant for levels seventeen (17) and above.
[*]Travel beyond K'halziras is meant for levels seventeen (17) and above.[/list]If you travel to one of these areas with a character below the recommended level, you acknowledge that to do so is risky and may result in a higher rate of character death.
 Party level spread –
 Effective immediately, we are rescinding all previous statements regarding the level split between the highest- and lowest- level character within a party or grouping. The GM Team feels this particular rule has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misapplied at all levels of the Community including by members of our own GM Team. As a result, it has been damaging to roleplay, it has caused animosity between the Community and the GM Team and has made people feel like criminals just because they associate with a character more than 10 levels different.
 Special note on the lifting of area and party level restrictions –
 While we are effectively removing all restrictions regarding character levels, we are hoping to encourage better grouping, better roleplay, a greater sense of adventure and an environment where roleplay is not unduly bounded by out-of-character issues such as level and arbitrary lines on a map. Having said that, the GM Team maintains a single request that can be summed up briefly as:[INDENT]“Don't drag, and don't kite.”
 [/INDENT]It is possible for a low-level character in a group of higher-level characters to contribute in some form, whether by flinging spells, tossing potions, firing arrows or any number of other contributing things, even if they're not terribly effective. The important part is that they attempt to contribute. Similarly, a high-level character can escort a group of lower-level characters without doing all the work for them. So, in this spirit, we ask for the Community to respect this and to keep these things in mind when going out and about. We're not going to break up a party on Dregar that contains a 5th level character just for that fact alone, nor will we go on hunts when we see a wide party level spread.
 However, if we see little or no roleplay among the party, if we see non-contributing lower-level characters or we see a high-level character being the primary application of force among a group of otherwise lower-level characters, we may request a modification to the party's behavior. If the behavior persists, we reserve the right to disband the party.
 We want everyone to have fun, to adventure and explore, and we no longer feel it appropriate to keep these restrictions in place. We ask only that the Community enjoy this expanded freedom and request that it be used responsibly.


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