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Stealing Results in Banning


[SIZE=18]Stealing is not allowed on this server.  This includes but is not limited to taking items or gold from unlocked chests in houses, unattended oxen bags and/or pickpocketing.  Like PvP, the only time stealing will ever be condoned is if all parties involved are aware and agree to the situation and it is monitored by a GM.  All other instances of stealing will be considered a violation of server rules and will result in an immediate and permanent ban from Layonara.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=18]This rule against stealing has been in place for as long as Layonara has been in existence.  Enforcing this rule should be unnecessary, as trust and the adherence to the basic prohibition against stealing is vital to the healthy function of any positive community.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=18]Based on evidence gathered from server records, SamuraiNinja/HuggyBear was questioned about and confessed to stealing items from another player's house.  This is a clear violation of the aforementioned rule.  As such, samuraininja is now banned from Layonara.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=18]It is each player's responsibility to read and know the server rules.  Any character submission is an official acknowledgement and acceptance of them.  [/SIZE]
  [SIZE=18]If you have any questions or concerns about this, please direct them to myself or Leanthar in a private message.[/SIZE]

Bumping this.

If you've been involved in breaking this rule, I highly urge you to come clean and fess up.


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