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*The Hilm healers and their work on the front lines*

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Lance Stargazer:
*At first all looks hectic, no one really notices Raelyn at first, the people there seems to be busy, on the first experiences she finds tis a man bleeding the life out of him as one leg has been lost, the details are unknown, the man and the soldiers disappear inside one of the tents, and the "peace" reigns again *

*A voice sounds from her back * Hey you. the new one, you going to wet the flowers or to actually help?  *The voice of Allan bark to her, not really matching with his handsome looks, * Bring some water fast, we got one bleeding inside  Fast for Toran's sake .

Without thinking twice she jumps at the commands of the Lt, "Yes Sir. Right away Sir." not startled but in response to do what she can to help and rushes to find some clean fresh water looking around the place and noticing the obvious disarray and lack of orderliness with all the chaos.

She retrieves the water as quickly as she can and enters the tent to set it down next to the one tending to the man, looking for a way she can help them, by offering bandages as necessary or consolation to the wounded man, or tending to other minor wounds, serving as a distraction to take the mans mind away from the trauma of his wounds.

Lance Stargazer:
*The man is bittinh a piece of cloth, he doesn't really put atention other than the pain, until the pain makes him to fade out *

*The water that Raelyn brings is fast used as the expert hands of the healers there start to work on the wound, fastened another cleric brings a hot iron piece that fast start to move upon the wounded's man leg, cauterizing the wound once it was cleaned, the water on the bucket that Raelyn brought has turned red by the blood of the wounds treated, another man talkes the bucket away and throw it to a waste water system located on the tent ,*

**Once the situation gets controlled Allan looks upon Raelyn * Well, now we need to bring more water and if you may please help to take care of this man and see him acomodated on the recovery tent , **he gestuires to other of the priestess there* Stay near Anna and you'll surivive for at least two weeks here *with a smile he start to walk of to tend of more of the organization of the tent *

She acknowledges Allan with a respectful nod and clear understanding. "Yes Sir!" Her expression is hard to decipher, but she is respectful and understanding. She looks in the direction of Anna as he indicates and gently sets down the cloth she has been using to wipe the mans forehead of the sweat that has beaded up on it because of the pain.

Looking down to make sure he is resting comfortably and brushing a stray lock of his hair away from his face, she steps away to ask Anna where she might find those who can help her move the man to the recovery tent, and for that matter where the recovery tent is.

Lance Stargazer:
*Anna gives her a dubbious look and then speaks* You are looking at them, darling **She lift her sleves and moves towards one side of the "bed" and places her hands over one side and gestures her to do the same*


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