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*The Hilm healers and their work on the front lines*

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Lance Stargazer:
**Hilm Castle would be a nice view, if not for the feeling of hurry that feels around the area, lots of people moving around and things always in motion, it has to be that way, stagnation leads to death specially with the things that Hilm has to deal everyday.*

*The area around the healer's tent its always busy as Raelyn could see, at her arrival there was no big welcoming party, she steped thru the portal from Blackford castle, then was hushed out by the guards as they lock the portal , a man was awaiting for her there, after introducing himself as Mattias, he inform her that she was expected and that Sir Stargazer asked him to help with the acomodations, She was asked to follow with haste *

**The area of the tents are filled with pain and sorrow, and yet the feeling of hope due the people working there, once Matthias and Raelyn aproached to the tents, Lance will look upon his student with a small smile, the man look tired and with heavy step walks towards the couple *

Welcome to Hilm Miss Raelyn, I hope that your trip was a pleaseant one *Smiling * I heard from Milady Stromhaven that you came here to help, I am not surprised though *he gives a fast look over the south for a very small moment, he dismisses Mathias sending him about 20 feet away , then turns back to Raelyn,* Please come with me.

**After some moments and as they walk towards one of the many tents there, he start to speak * Well milady, Sadly we need as many hands as we can get to help our people here, its not going to be a preety job, the people that is tended here are wounded from defending the lines, and facing the most vile creatures that this world can offer to you, saving perhaps the ones on the deep, Alas this is where you'll stay, there is a small living room on the back of the tent where you can get a rug to sleep, there are guards around so worry not for your security or honor. *He gestures towars a young man that seems to be writting upon a parchement * That one is Allan, he'll be the one whom you'll report, he is one of the best healer squad lieuteniants we have here in Hilm, and you'll report to him. Please keep your mind open and your heart even more open, try to learn as much as you can and focus on get the task done. *smiling*  thank you for comming.

Any questions milady ?

She listens respectfully and carefully, not saying to much until she is asked if there are any questions. Looking around at the situation in hilm as they speak, in hurried voices. "Only one question Sir, how do I reach you if I need to?"

Lance Stargazer:
Well, the people here is capable of doing things, this tents works on their own basically and Allan there its quite positive of solving almost any situation. I do rounds here from time to time, but ask around for where my office is if you need something out of the ordinary.

Sadly mialdy as the things here in Hilm stands I have plenty of things to do, with the war and my own personal projects it may be hard to reach me, leave a note on my office or inform it to Allan, he'll be able to help with the message. Don't feel bad if the people here speak loud , this are tough people milady, they are not used to indiscipline. *smiles*  I do expect an exemplary beheavior of you, you are here as helper to live the conducts of virtue, to live an exemplary service, make me proud.

Something else you need?

"No Sir, May Toran bless your path with wisdom, and with Toran's virtues always as my guide I will make you proud." She smiles reassuringly to him and bows her head respectfully.  "I know you are very busy so I will not keep you longer than necessary."

Lance Stargazer:
Then its all its settled, report to Allan for starters, I'll be around, and once again.Welcome to Hilm

*he smiles as one officer comes to his side* Commander you are needed on the west wall *Lance look upon the officer then nods to Raelyn as both men start to walk away towards the west *


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