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6 months after Briardusk


Briardusk, the name remembered well by soldiers of Hurm and those other armies who participated in years of warfare on Hilm soil as the final stage in reclaiming their lands from the hands of the Green Dragon Cult, led by the malefactor known as Molvaren.

It has taken just over 6 months to clear the city of the memory of the Drach ori, the slave pens, their mad leader and all that he enacted their. Dark labs for experiments on slaves and the creation of abominations. Who knows the extents to what was truly done in the dark places beneath the city. Thanks to the Grannoch giants, Rael dwarven engineer squads and so many other groups Briardusk was beginning to rebuild.

Once the fighting was done in Briardusk more legions from The newly established Siphe Principality joined the intial ones and worked with Hilm legions to reestablish the borders of Hilm. Various skirmishes occured along the borders over the months that followed until finally reports began to arrive in Hilm that once more all border posts had been restored and garrisoned.

Immediately plans were put into effect for the next six months to 2 years to provide a massive building program to provide better protections for the border garrisons, to rebuild Sundance and Briardusk and a dozen other communities across Hilm, ruined by the war.

Sir Lance took up his role under Lord Alexander to oversee the rebuilding of Hilm even as they began to sketch out what the liklihood would be of them ever trying to reclaim Kuhl for the Queen.

Many were released from service but their names listed for recall once it was decided if any action would even be possible.

Lord Rael offered a five year placement garrison of 5000 mixed Raelite soldiers at Briardusk and an open offer of more support if and when they deicded to strike at Kuhl. After the other supporters of Hilm heard about Lord Raels offer many also came forward offering other types of support as well.

Thus it remains at the moment, Hilm is rebuilding its strength, rebuilding its broken land. The Principality of Siphe builds a new fortress over the bones of the Fort of Last Hope and people prepare and wait and watch Kuhl to see and wonder what it is Molvaren will plan next.

12 months on and the anniversary of the retaking of Briardusk has been celebrated in Hilm with moderate celebrations.

On the eve of the celebrations several of those who aided the retaking of the city arrive for various functions including the dashing elf Razeriem who met with Lord Alexanders nominated interim rulers of the city. A former militia officer, Lord Amaric whose father was part of the original administration and Lady Sesoon Belfrey whose husband and father was killed in the retaking of Briardusk but is known as a most able stateswoman.

Captain Razeriem attended several of the days celebrations with Lady Sesoon and later met with the famous mage Moraken who also attended several of the celebrations.

The city itself continues to struggle to rebuild, the final two Drach Ori towers given the all clear to be torn down and fill the last of the underground trenches created by the evil fiend Undroth. Only one tower will remain as a permanent reminder of the terrible events that occured within the city and a tribute to all those who gave their lives to relcaim it.

A large military encampment still remains outside the city with several thousand soldiers from mixed nations remaining for security and to aid in the clearup and rebuilding of the city. The soldiers are being led by Regimental Commander Kendall, appointed with Lord Alexanders approval by Hilm Commander Sir Lance Stargazer.

With the borders secured and the building process moving along slowly Lord Alexander has gown concerned over the rising food shortages and has finally agreed to allow the soldiers of some nations to begin withdrawing their forces.

To date very little has been heard from Kuhl.


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