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A situation arises...

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Alarm bells were sounded in Fiorez City and Siphe Castle prompting the formation of two battle groups within an hour that set off for the north western frontier of the fledgling nation when it was reported a column of soldiers was approaching from that direction.

Leading the battle groups were the Sovereign Lord Jaedon Siphe himself accompanied by a now familiar figure in the region, Commander Daniella Stormhaven.

It is reported that by the time they reached the border the column of soldiers had halted outside the territory and set up a white flag of truce.

It seems that Sir Lance Stargazer had been ordered to lead a deputation to the Principality to speak personally with Lord Siphe on matters most urgent.

Sir Lance's four score strong escort was made up of elite Hilmite Cavalry and a score of Toranite Cavalry still serving in Hilm.

The situation was described as tense as Sir lance met Commander Daniella cordially and asked to speak with Jaedon Siphe alone, a request which was granted.

A large pavilion was then set up into which the two well known figures entered. it is believed discussions on various matters are now taking place within, their content as yet unkown to those beyond the pavilions walls.

Mind you this has done nothing to stop the speculations and suggestions that the Queen of Nesar has appointed a bride to be for the former Kuhl General in order to secure his position and that of his nation with Nesars support. Others wonder if a leading Toranite figure such as Sir Lance would be the bearer of tidings from s nation such as Nesar with their particular background.

Lady Daniella watched resolutely as the two entered the pavilion, and then turned to give orders to post sentries.  She watched the tent for a short time before starting to pace around the camp, trying to look like she was occupied with something other than the discussions going on between the two men, but overall not seeming thrilled.

Lance Stargazer:
*Lance's face seems concerned during the trip, till they arrive to the meeting point, he looks up resolution on his face, as they do the introductions and explains his intent to speak*

*After asking cordially for a private meting with Lord Siphe, he nods at Daniella in a way of greeting, before going to the pavillion tent when its ready*

*Once inside the tent, Lance speaks *

Well met  Lord Siphe , finally we are able to met each other .... *his voice is calm and neutral, not showing hessitation as he speaks*

Several hours pass with no one entering or leaving the tent until finally Sir Lance appears briefly to call for some refreshments to be brought.
Lady Daniella, having spent much of the time pacing outside, frustrated at being barred from what was transpiring within quickly hastened over to be turned away yet again by Sir Lance who returned inside once more.

obviously agitated by the events occuring without her Lady Daniella walked away again her back stiff with growing frustration.

As she does so a Fifth rank Siphe Garra approached her saluting her in their fashion and addressing her directly.

"Lady Commander, there is a situation in the camp. One of the Toranite officers has struck a Ninth."

Sure enough as Daniella entered the camp a loud commotion and gathering of soldiers from both sides was occuring near the Toranite horse lines. Officers from both sides could be seen trying to restore order.

Daniella rushes in to the camp and immediately does what she can to restore order and separate the forces.

"Alright somebody better tell me what is going on here and why you are all acting like a bunch of school children!"  The agitation in her voice is very apparent as she stares down those that were involved in the fight- on both sides.


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