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Blackford War Council

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Lance Stargazer:
*Lance with calm expression looks at the maps *

They are the same grim news I've foresaw.

We have to stand and make sure we stand the siege of the castle, That is our priority now,

Fort of Last Hope will be facing an attack yet, and the troops there should stand the attack,

**he looks at the logistic officer * I need to know how many more troops we'll have on Hilm by the time of the attack . also how is doing the placement for the ballistaes on the walls.

*he looks at the Council * The time for the battle is indeed coming closer.

Jilseponie Wyndon:
*Jil goes back to her table covered in messages and goes through more, hoping to find at least a little good news.*

*The officer Lance looks at indicates that all forces promised will be in Hilm within the month.*


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