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Enemy Movements

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Cult forces have been engaged in heavy fighting with large units of Hilm Infantry dispatched to the South after the first invasion of Hilm near Sundance.

A smaller Cult force crossed the border east of Tulam and marched on Briardusk.

Hilm and Toranite soldiers moving south spotted the enemy host and rapidly established defensive positions, the goal being to send runners to Brairdusk to order the Brelin and Hilm units there to evacuate any remaining people.

Over the last 24 hours Cult forces paused in their advance to engage the defensive positions. Severe casualties have been lost the Hilmite armies but their valour held the enemy long enough to evacuate the city.

Early reports indicate that there were no dragons supporting the Tulam army and only a few units of Myrdrachs.

The 21st Hilmite Pikes recorded three Myrdrachs brought down, while other units pitched in for a combined score of Myrdrachs dead. Hundreds of Cult soldiers also fell and a number of Drachs.

Allied losses were high with the Myrdrachs doing most of the damage. Over 370 lost their lives, a further 240 injured and 30 or those seriously.

When word reached the defending forces that the city was clear they withdrew under heavy fire to rendeavous with the Brelin and Hilmite forces taking the remaining citizens north towards Hilm.

Last reports were of the small Cult army burying their dead and beginning to continue their path to Brairdusk.

Lance Stargazer:
*As Lance recieves the information , he looks concerned , with a stick he moves some pieces on the map, thougtfully he start to disperse  the troops over the area near Biandusk and draw lines over the area.

*he then makes notes over the Troops on Alhion moving towards Hilm

HE draw some lines over the southern part of The coast of the protectorate, drawing blue lines over the coast*

(( PM sent

Cult armies in the southern half of Hilm seem to have stalled their advances towards the Fort of Last Hope. With word of whats occured in Nesar reaching their frontlines it seems several divisions of soldiers are being pulled back from the front lines and are being diverted to the Nesar border near Fort Miritrix.

Meanwhile the army at Vilsa continues to march towards Nith.

// Been a while but here's a brief update on this...I've tried to put events that have occured at around the same time together.

Prim is captured and Fort Miritrix is beseiged and then in the following days overrun and the Cult sweep south towards Holar preparing an assault for the larger city.
Nith is engaged on the Nith River before the Black Wizards negotiate a truce with Molvaren.
Forces surround Fort of Last Hope and set up defensive lines.
Molvaren crosses into Hilm.

Black Wizards leave the battlefield telling the Nesarins its over.
Cyn Chen turns her army around and makes as fast as she can for Sundance with an aim to reach Fort of Last Hope in a month.
Fort Miritrix Cult forces withdraw their assault on Holar and Fort Miritrix taking countless female prisoners with them.
Prim remains in Cult hands.
Cult forces lay seige to Fort of Last Hope and begin to try and break it down.

The Queen of Nesar and the Sanctis Mortis are furious at the Black Wizards deal and break it immediately ordering a full scale invasion of Kuhl to support Hilm.
Alandric and his Corathites are put in charge of half of the Nesar army from Nith and told to capture Vilsna. They prepare to march.
The other half of the Nesar army from Nith prepares to march on Amaria bypassing Vilsna.
Razeriem and Hardragh are given a small force to recapture Prim from the Cult.
The Fort Commander of Fort Miritrix is told to march north to Lake Tempest and await Razeriem there before they will advance northwards slowly to Sundance.
The PC's in Fort of Last Hope rescue the vital wagon train.

Ractrafiorez attacks Fort of Last Hope and issues his ultimatum and destroys the Lucindite portals in the fort.
Molvaren's army smashes the first line of defence for Fort Hilm.
Razeriem/Hardragh recapture Prim and begin interrogating prisoners.
Miritrix army heads north towards lake Tempest.
Combined Nith-Nesar army proceeds across the river and advances towards Vilsna.

Current: (as per this post)
Molvaren advances on second lines of defence of Fort Hilm, the Raelites positions.
Miritrix army moving towards Lake Tempest.
Razeriem/Hardragh finishing up in Prim.
Fort of Last Hope considering counter attacks.
Offer of a temporary truce from the Cult coupled with a threat against adventurers friends and families is before the Blackford Council.
General Jaedon Siphe monitors and directs seige at Fort of last Hope.
General Cyn Chen ordered to change direction and make for Zolinar.
Southern Cult forces ordered to prepare defensive lines north of lake Tempest in preparation to engage the Miritrix armies.
Ractrafiorez takes up residence in the Orsgaunt mountains cutting off access through them from Northern Hilm to Fort of Last Hope.
Sir Lance gets married in the midst of all the chaos.

Current: (as per this post)

Razerium/Tralek and Gork/Hardragh leading soldiers from Lake Tempest towards Sundance.
Sir Polamic of Fort Miritrix leading bulk of Nesar armies from Miritrix from lake Tempest along Kuhl-Hilm border towards Sundance.
Alandric assaulting Vilsna in Kuhl.
General Rims Nesar Army closing on Amaria in Kuhl.
More traitors found in Fort of last Hope as Food stores are destroyed.
Portal in Fort of Last Hope nears completion.
Deadline for the truce sent by the Lord of Ash to the Blackford Council draws close.
Molvaren smashes Mixed Hilm armies at the second lines of defence in one day forcing a strategic withdrawal.
Grannoch Giants join the battles against the Cult near Fort Hilm.
Moraken enters the battle near the second lines of defence supporting Lance.


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