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Hilm's response on the Principality


In Hilm Castle life goes on for all those in the sprawing urban city that surrounds the mighty battlements of the Castle. Once a bastion of good against demon forces in a land beset by demons, now a political stone around which much of Belinara is chained to,

At the centre of that political hub Lord Alexander, and his right hand man Sir Lance Stargazer struggle on a daily basis to provide stability to the oft troubled region.

Even now almost a year after the fall of Brairdust and the defeat of Molvaren outside of Castle Hilm large half empty camps set up for the war to house allied forces still remain on the chance that the war might continue. Nations that havent gotten around to withdrawing their forces or simply havent enough money to withdraw them and instead have left them to feed off the supplies of Hilm.

For the people, apart from the building campaigns around the city to restore damaged sections of the castle and city beyond life has almost returned to a sense of normality. The belief that Hilm still has a war to fight against Kuhl almost a forgotten thing.

Changes in the political landscape forced on Hilm by the obtaining of a section of Hilm by Lord Jaedon Siphe have taken priority with Lord Alexander and Sir Lance eager to shore up Siphes loyalties to them.

As such, even as a fully equipped horde of Fire Giants move through Siphe Castle carrying mysterious glowing blocks of stone Hilm's next move is underway.

Through a side gate in the southern wall of the Castle proper, which bypasses the city streets, a column of Hilm cavalry dotted with Toranites and Rofireinites thunders towards the southern road. The heavy escort being for several dignatories on route to the Siphe principality. The primary banners at the front of the column of two score cavalry are those of Hilm, Toran, Rofirein and the House of Kalgarl. A prominant house in Hilm with close ties to the leadership. At the front of the column one of the dignatories is recognised as Lord Hrathan Kalgarl himself. He is accompanied by his daughter, who, in her late 20's, has served loyally in the Hilm military for the last six years and even participated in the defence of Hilm Castle fighting in the Fifth Northside regulars.

Locals pause in their daily routines to give the column mild interest as he quickly leaves the surrounds of Castle Hilm and begins to make its way south.

Atop the battlement itself Lord Alexander and Sir Lance stand watching the column head south.

Lance Stargazer:
*Once the column has departed and once leaving the company of Lord Alexander and standing on his surveillance spot on the south wall looking towards the south , he pulls out his stone of his belt pouch, looking down at the tents for soldiers on the outside of the castle, he return the gaze to the gem as he summons the power of it, after some minutes the pale blue light extinghishes without answer Lance frowns*

- For goodness sake Sister, what is happening there? **his frown dissapears after that and his features softens* Toran please let her be well. Keep her heart aflame , and her mind and wits in calm, be her strength as you only can be  

*the tone of concern sound sincere if ever anyone could hear it then closes his eyes as the wind makes his cloak to fly*


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