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Increased military presence

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It has been noted by scouts and patrols that there is an increased military presence inside of Kuhl on the portions of its borders closest to the Roughlands. Many theories abound as to the reason for the build-up. Authorities on this side of the border are taking a "wait and see" posture, but between the strange mist over the Roughlands and this new development, the mood is both dire and tense in the region.

At the old border crossings nearest Sundance, Briardusk and Hilm Castle, a sealed message is handed across the border from the Cult forces to their counterparts in Hilm, with a request to bring them to their leaders in the nearest cities. It is unknown what these messages contain, but within the hour of their receipt, Sundance and Briardusk dispatch riders to Hilm Castle.

Observers and scouts report what looks to be a large circular area in the midst of the massing forces inside the borders of Kuhl nearest the Roughlands. for the moment, there seems nothing odd about it except that it remains completely free of any soldiers, tents or equipment, and those who must pass from one side to the other tend to go out of their way to walk around it by a wide margin.  At night, the circle is well lit, and in the reduced foot traffic reveals that the circle remains guarded at all times.

In the weeks leading up to the disappearance of the mist, observers noted a shimmering in the air within the circular area of the camp that had been apparently portioned aside for a specific reason, raising concerns of some nefarious ritual to add to Hilm's struggles.  What effect these activities may have had, if any, remains as unknown as the purpose.

With the sudden disappearance of the strange and growing mist in the  Roughlands, the strong presence of Cult military forces along the border  remains, but within a day, the circle no longer seems required, and it is once again consumed by the traffic of troops and supplies.

As all returns to normal in the Roughlands, changes can be seen along the border of Kuhl.  Once there is a certainty that Kuhl would not need to defend itself against a dragon-allied incursion, at least for now, the troops that had built up nearest to the Roughlands begin to thin and return to their normal levels. Presumably they return to their former postings within Kuhl and along its borders.

Within just over a week, things along the border seem back to normal. Patrols move along the border, watchtowers are manned, cookfires burn and practice yards ring with the clang of metal on metal as soldiers keep their skills sharp.


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