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Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« on: January 24, 2011, 11:16:10 pm »
// This thread is to outline what FIGHTING forces are where for those involved in the war against Kuhl. Players can ic make requests or suggestions to the authorities (ie Lance or Daniella) on placement of troops. I will add more as we go along. In some cases you will see eg 50/500 this represents 50 of those troops are present out of a promised 500. If I've missed any let me know.

These are where troops are at at this current time:

Toranite Shock & Elite Cavalry (Hands of Toran) (50 Paladins, 1200 heavy) Lost: 29 Paladins, 480 cavalry)

Heavy Infantry (shields and spears) (8,000)   Lost: 2900
Light infantry (Arrows) (3000)                      Lost: 1509
MIxed archers/crossbows (2000)                 Lost: 674
Heavy Lancers (1000)                                 Lost: 436
Light Lancers (1000)                                   Lost: 370
Ex pat Kuhl Mixed infantry (Langovales devoted) (300)  Lost: 167
Black Crow Orc infantry (600)   Lost: 349 (RH)
Red Beaked Vultures Orc Infantry (800)   Lost: 395 (RH)

New forces recently arrived to Hilm:
Toranite mixed forces (3000)          Lost: 802
Voraxian mixed forces (1500)          Lost: 410
Voraxian mixed forces (1500)          Lost: 126
Rofireinite mixed forces (2000)        Lost: 626
Other Faiths forces (1200)             Lost: 393

North of Hilm just inside Great Forest in Horn:
Giant warriors of Grannoch (550)    Lost: 285

5th, 8th and 10th Boyer Infantry Units (1500)     Lost: 375
Boyers Eaglemont Regimental Cavalry (250)         Lost: 114

Sederra Conflict: Point Dart Regular Boyer Archers (300)   Lost: 185 (RH)

Redfern Scouts unit (50)          Lost: 19  (RH)
Mixed mages (25)                    Lost: 8

10,000 Heavy Infantry            Lost: 3387
4 Engineers Units (200)           Lost: 43
Sederra Conflict: Engineers (200)  Lost: 186  (RH)
Sederra Conflict: Heavy Infantry (10,000)   Lost: 3680  (RH)
Sederra Conflict: Elite heavy Infantry (3500)   Lost: 2650  (RH)
Sederra Conflict: Mixed support forces (500)   Lost: 235  (RH)
Sederra Conflict: Mixed Light infantry and scouts: (5000)   Lost: 2950  (RH)

Lor/Golden/Castle Mask
Unified Regiments of Lor light infantry (500)  Lost: 196

Runic Anvil (Dwarven)
Heavy Dwarven infantry (350)   Lost: 88  (RH)
Mixed dwarven troops (150)     Lost: 43  (RH)
Sederra Conflict:Elite Runic Anvil heavy Infantry (1000)  Lost: 476  (RH)

Sederra Conflict:
Mixed vanguards of Infantry (5500)   Lost: 3200  (RH)
Light cavalry (1500)                        Lost: 1150  (RH)

Sederra (Sederra conflict)
Synod Cabalists (750)   Lost: 470  (RH)
Synod Infantry (2500)   Lost: 1540  (RH)
Synod Light cavalry archers (500)  Lost: 280  (RH)

Bloody Gate
Combined Dwarven Heavy Infantry (1000)     Lost: 254
Combined Dwarven Heavy crossbows (500)    Lost: 190
Combined Mixed dwarven troops (150)          Lost: 142

Wolfswood Rangers Elite Scouts (20)    lost: 11 (RH)
4 Warships  Lost: 1  (RH)
Supply Ships (Ongoing)
Eastern passage and Shindalerian Docks troops - Fort of last Hope:
2000 Mixed Infantry          Lost: 757  (RH)
Healers and Lower-Level Mages (undetermined at this time) (RH)
15-20 Higher-Level Lucindite Mages from Imjam's School   Lost: 7  (RH)

1500 Mixed infantry   Lost: 12

Queens 3rd, 9th and Hawk Heavy Cavalry Regiments (600)  Lost: 385 (RH)
Blackford Special Forces Blue Helms (120)  Lost: 92  (RH)
Lucindites (22)             Lost: 8  (RH)
Other mages (35)         Lost:19  (RH)

Haven Special Guards Unit (150)    Lost: 37  (RH)
Krandor Enlisted Guards Unit (150)  Lost: 42  (RH)
Brelin Golden Pikes Unit (250)  Lost: 62

No known support forthcoming bar the Rofireinites as allocated

Ulgrids (Dwarves)
Kings Stone Fists (heavy infantry) (500)   Lost: 123
Queens Crossbows (200)  Lost: 45
Voraxians (accounted for under Hilm)

Dorandites (50)       Lost: 18
Mixed race infantry (150)   Lost: 56

Telish Throne
Fort Morlass Dejan Archers (150)  Lost: 82 (RH)
Toranites (as allocated)
15 Navy Ships          Lost: 4 ships (RH)

Grain and supply ships(19)  Lost: 7 due to storms and tsunami

Battle Academy of Stort Mixed elite infantry (200)     Lost: 45

Dragonsong Dominion
Dragonblades 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Heavy Infantry Units (1600)  Lost: 793
Dragonclaws Tyr-Song, Yalian and Westerngate Archers (1200)   Lost: 576
Rofireinites (as allocated)

Rofireinites - Secondary Force dispatched to Kuhl/Stormcry Hollows now at Briardusk
Infantry/archers (1800)  Lost: 430
Knight Cavalry (500)   Lost: 137
Clerics, mages etc (500)  Lost: 148

Toranites - Secondary Force dispatched to Kuhl/Stormcry Hollows now at Briardusk
Infantry/archers (2000)   Lost: 525
Order members & cavalry (450)  Lost: 75
Clerics, mages etc (250)  Lost: 55

Eastspirit Archers (500)    Lost: 174

Southern Vale Arcane Archers (25)   Lost: 8  (RH)

Nesar Conflict:
Nesar - Hilm (Sundance)
Fort Miritrix & Holar Mixed infantry (6500) Lost: 1750 (RH)
Peasant infantry (3000)  Lost: 1256  (RH)
Holar & Miritrix Archers (650)   Lost: 220  (RH)
Wormbone Fort Heavy Infantry (600)  Lost: 73  (RH)

Nesar - Kuhl (Amaria & Zolinar)
Nith, Orin & Arnax Field Legions (4500)  Lost: 756  (RH)
Peasant Infantry (1500)  Lost: 645  (RH)
Nith, Orin & Arnax Archers (2000)  Lost: 544  (RH)
Wormbone Fort heavy infantry (400)   Lost: 113  (Rh)
Black Raven Heavy Cavalry (400)  Lost: 43  (RH)
Corathite clerics, mages, followers (75)  Lost: 14  (RH)
Undead (250)    Gained: 375 more  Current total: 625  (RH)
Nesar - Briardusk
Arnax Elite Heavy Infantry (1000)   Lost: 27

Hilm - Briardusk
Siphe Garra Elite Heavy Infantry (4000)

// Updated 4 months after Molvaren leaves Castle Hilm. From when the Oil pump station at Briardusk is destroyed.

Lance Stargazer

Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 09:22:20 am »
*The streets of the city of Albion are busy, and yet calmer,. It has been several days since the main contingent of the free world armies have started to march over the road to Hilm.

As the troops advance, there are small group of scouts staying in the road , to ensure to check out movements over the borderline with Horn.

Its also heard that a heavy contingent of no less than 10000 men are seen moving towards Fort of Last Hope, They carry defensive equipment and light steeds.  

The city of Albion awaits for the rest of the troops of the free world.

Lance Stargazer

Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2011, 08:52:30 pm »
**As the war keeps moving.  

The armies on Fort Last Hope, Preparing for the attack , The orders have been recieved, The main contingent of civilians have been ordered to be evacuanted toward the mountains, heading towards the town port of Albion*

*The standards of the Hilm defenders and the Blackford council stands proudly high , the troops tense but secure, knowing that the next battle could be their last, standing proud , standing in duty.

Over the silent night amoung the silent night, The voice of a prayer can be heard on the barracs,

"Oh great Leader in you we trust....... *

Fort Of Last Hope , stands by their name.


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2011, 09:26:28 pm »
//Toranite forces in Hilm should now be 2500/3000 that have arrived in Hilm, at least by before the next battle, with 400 in Sedera, and 100 in Trelania.  Obviously this is not taking into account any losses that we may have suffered thus far.


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2011, 05:05:41 am »
// I have updated the allied armies losses as per the end of the Sederra Conflict.

This includes losses occured in escorting refugees south of Fort Hilm back to the Fort all the way down to Forty of last Hope. It also includes clashes with forces around Sundance and Briardusk.


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2011, 11:04:23 pm »
// Thread updated as per 1 week after Molvarens forces have withdrawn from Hilm Castle.


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #6 on: August 20, 2011, 01:31:12 am »
// Thread updated 4 months after Molvarens forces have withdrawn from Hilm Castle. Just after the oil pump station at Briardusk is destroyed.


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #7 on: August 20, 2011, 02:46:04 pm »
Addendum to the totals.

Adventurers: (Undetermined at this time.) Lost: 1 (Chaynce)


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #8 on: August 22, 2011, 02:50:02 pm »
Briardusk - Voraxians?  Didn't see the 1,500 or so voraxians that should be at Briardusk listed.  They came in with the Toranities and Rofireinites from Hollows I thought.

EDIT: Could be they came after totals were last updated (ie, after oil pump destroyed)


Re: Logistics for armies against Kuhl
« Reply #9 on: August 23, 2011, 05:05:05 am »
Amended under new forces to Hilm.