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Message from Fort of Last Hope

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A message is briefly delivered from Daniella Stormhaven to Lord Alexander via the cell stones.  She briefly informs him of the following points:

[*]General Siphe wishes to be formally acknowledged by the Hilm Protectorate and the other nations of Belinara as the new steward of the Fort of Last Hope and the surrounding lands that were previously under its jurisdiction.

[*]He has said that should his stewardship be acknowledged he will lead his forces with ours to retake Briardusk.

[*]He has made a deal with Ractrafiorez that he would train the dragon's soldiers, and in return, Ractrafiorez is protecting the Fort from Molvaren's forces.

Later on, another message is sent after the stone could be charged again.

[*]General Siphe, in return for presenting his request for legitimacy has offered 5 Siphe Garra members to go with the Allied troops in order to offer possible tactics of the enemy within Briardusk.  A warning was also given by General Siphe that the Drach Ori have something big planned at Briardusk and to approach with caution.

[*]Siphe understands only a little of what the Fort of Last Hope's purpose is, but that she believes he will accept its duty should he be accepted as steward.

[*]She also notifies that the attack of the Toranite unit on the Siphe Garra were doing so under orders that came from the office of Commander Stargazer.  She informs that only one of the unit remained alive from their attack, and she is in custody as a prisoner at this time.  She states that as soon as she has more information she will send word.

A couple days later again:

[*]Daniella notifies them that the traitorous order supposedly came from a Field Commander that had remained in Hilm, and asks for a full investigation to take place.  He went against the orders of his superior officers, against the will of Toran, and against the rules of warfare in terms of truce.  His actions caused the deaths of his comrades as well as put a tentative alliance in jeopardy.

Lance Stargazer:
// this is of course once the notice reaches to Lance .

**Lance upon reading the report frowns, he inmediately goes and find the unit captain on the structure on the order, he inmediatelly activates his stone to confer with Lord Protector Alexander alone on his tent*

*Once that its done , he comunicates with his logistic liuteniant in order to locate the activity reports for the units under his command, he does a comunicate that emphathizes the order to respect the truce, and to not attack again to the Siphe garra, future offences would be treated the same as treason and would be submited to the offenders to a martial court.*

*There as well Lance sent a word and locates the captain that was in charge of the unit that attacked*

*Within hours of Lances commands in Hilm a deputation of Hilm and Toran guards arrest Field Commander Arran Den along with three other Toranites who tried to stop the arrest. Field Commander Arran Den has already defended his actions saying the True Virtues will strike as necessary to ensure that Torans truth and righteousness will reign supreme.

The Field Commander and the three Toranites in league with him are being held in the Hilm prison currently."

*Within hours of the arrest Hilm interrogators have discovered that the Field Commander was paid a considerable sum of money in the week prior to the army leaving Hilm for Briardusk. The Field Commander refuses to make any further comment on the matter except that The True Virtues will simply replace him with another when he is gone he is now demanding he be sent back to Huanjgin for trial.*

*Within days the actual formal document arrives and is given into Lord Alexanders hands, an urgent meeting is called after that and the document shown to those present which includes Queen Langovale and her faithful War General. Copies are also dispatched immediately to Sir Lance, Queen Mallaird, the High Druid in the Horn Kingdom and the Blackford War Council.

Most honourable Lords and Ladies,

I bring salutations from the remnants of what was previously known as the Fort of Last Hope and currently is the holding of the Siphe Garra.

Before I outline my request there are several points of fact that you should, in full honesty, be aware of as they will affect your decision making process in regards to this matter.

Firstly, I, Jaedon Siphe, Former General to Molvaren, current ruler of Kuhl are totally in control of the Fort of Last Hope remnants and its surrounding lands. This also gives me access and control of the Eastern passage through the Orsgaunt Mountains.

Secondly I have currently at my disposal over seven thousand highly trained warriors with more arriving every day, each and every one battle hardened, and full of resolve, and loyal to me.

Thirdly, I am aware of your current forces in the field and you knoiw and I know unless ou abandon the war against Kuhl you do not have the means to displace me from my current position.

Fourthly, as you must be well aware by now it will be years before you will be in any position to bring any sort of force against me and by then the toil of time will have done its task and your soldiers will want to return to their homes and see peace in Belinara once more.

Fifthly, The Siphe Garra and the lands upon which we stand are now officially under the protection of the dragon Ractrafiorez.

While my intention is not to be alarmist or to shadow the context of this request with veiled threats, I feel it would be remiss of me if I did not make our position perfectly clear before proceeding.

This I can now attend to the matter before us.

Please accept this as an official request to the powers of Belinara whom originally came together to found the nation of Hilm in much the same manner when it was required to face the demon menace and invasion by Blood himself.

I, General Jaedon Siphe, leader of the Siphe Garra, exiles of Kuhl and custodians of the captured (by fair combat) Fort of last Hope, do solemnly request the formation of a new sovereign principality that shall comprise the remnants of the Fort of Last Hope and land extending for 100 miles in every direction. This land and all it comprises shall then be called the Sovereign  Siphe Principality of Hilm and will operate as a free and independent city state. The rule of the province shall be by Marshal decree with its first Sovereign Lord to be myself by unanimous verdict of the Siphe Garra Captains Elect.

In exchange for such an establishment the Solvereign Lord of the Principality shall adhere by the original decrees Hilm was beholden to in its formation, those being;

- to fight and defend against demons and all their ilk that threaten the land
- to ensure, by martial means if necessary, the peace of the continent of Belinara
- to settle disputes between neighbouring countries within Belinara as required

We await your deliberations and responses.

Should the combined leaders of Belinara agree to our wishes then in response the Siphe Garra will honour Hilms original decrees and will help to restore who the Belinaran nations declare to be the rightful ruler of Kuhl, to said throne.

General Jaedon Siphe
(Marked below his name is the Siphe Garra emblem of two crossed swords with points downwards, one sword black and the other white) superimposed over a Red Dragon banner)


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